Leica CL 35mm SLRs

Leica CL 35mm SLRs 


The CL is the smallest Leica shooting platform for either M or screw mount lenses. This is really a big deal since Leica photogs are legendary for preferring small cameras. On top of that, it even has a built in meter! As far as I am concerned, every Leica photog should have a CL in their bag for just these reasons.


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[Nov 19, 2008]


Small, light, well designed, takes M lenses


Old, delicate meter, split image ware lose silvering over time

Made by Minolta for Leica in the late 70's, it took 2 specially made Leitz lenses (40 + 90), it was a less expensive entry into the Leica M system. it old more than the M-5 curently selling, so Leica dropped it (so the story goes). I lusted after one and in '82, got a beat up body. In time I had it tuned to perfection, acquired a 40 Rokkor, 90 Leitz and then a 28 Rokkor made for the CLE. I used it many years along side 2 1/4 and 35mm SLR gear. Cameras came and went, I held onto that little CL. I eventually got onto a Leica M6 and many lenses. In time I grew to dislike the legendary M6, keeping the CL along with the following lenses: 15/4.5 Voightlander, 28/2.8 and 40/4 Rokkors, 90/4 and 135/4 Leitz Elmars. I eventually got the CLE and still use them. The CL is a wonderful little camera, but age will make them useless. The meter is delicate and I usullay have to fix mine every other year. Yet for a camera that is some 40 years old, it is still a great image maker! Those who have used them, love them. I love mine.

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