Fujifilm Discovery 320 Point and Shoot

Fujifilm Discovery 320 Point and Shoot 


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[Sep 05, 2000]
Elizabeth Glaze


The 320 Zoom date has an unusually large zoom range. It also allows panorama views to be taken using 35mm film. This makes for more interesting composition posibilities.

I like the fact that the viewfinder has a diopter adjustment so that you don't have to wear glasses to see your subject.

It does do very nice, very crisp photos.

It has a backlighting setting which I REALLY like and works well as long as you are not too far away to allow the flash to balance out the light source behind the subject. (No more photos of people squinting at me in the sun).

I have not yet tried out the night time setting or some of the other capabilities.


If you don't bother to read the manual you'll miss the fact that when you zoom fully, the top and right side edges of what you see through the viewer will be cut out. As long as you make allowances for this in your composition you'll be fine.

Similarly, you must read the manual to anticipate that when you use Panoramic mode together with the full zoom, the top edge will be cut off beyond what you see in the viewfinder. This must also be taken into account for composition.

I guess it would be hard to take very fast moving shots since the lens takes time to adjust but I'm still learning about this camera so I don't really know.

The viewfinder is not particularly large and I'm still getting used to locating it.

I made the mistake of turning the camera onto AUTO mode too early and by the time I was ready to take a picture it had shut itself off. This would be a strength ordinarily but it screwed me up and I missed my opportunity.

I'm going to look for a different (longer) strap to use on it. The one that came with it is too short and thin to comfortably hang across the body from the opposite shoulder and the camera is just a bit too heavy to hang down from the neck in front.

Heck, I'm really excited about this camera. The more I learn about it the happier I am that I bought it! I really like all the options it offers.

Customer Service

Haven't needed it yet.

Similar Products Used:

The most sophisticated camera I have owned before this was a simple point and shoot Yashica with a built in Zeiss lens but no zoom capability. It took great family photos for years until my daughter knocked it onto a hard floor. My husband has a non-point and shoot Cannon which totally defeats me and tends to put my brain into a catatonic state.

I have a very basic Kodak Advantix but the film and development costs really add up.

Other than that my experience has been strictly Brownie Star Flash and Kodak Instamatic.

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