PicaJet Digital Photo Album Photo Editing Software

PicaJet Digital Photo Album Photo Editing Software 


Organize, enhance, view, print, find, and share your digital photos with this elegant, all-in-one, digital photo organizer. Features a slide-show mode, creating perfect web-galleries, skin support, image copying with dynamic editing, metadata import/export, direct import from digital camera or scanner, and the printing of multiple photos. PicaJet supports an unlimited number of images and lets you resize your photos without a loss in quality.


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[Jul 04, 2011]


# Works for multiple users across a network
# Controls access to media content by user roles
# Audits files. It’s easy to find out who’s made what changes to your content – and why
# Version Control. You’ll never have to lose a good idea again through someone overwriting your file edits
# Multiple catalogs can be opened simultaneously as web-browser pages. Photos can easily be moved between catalogs
# All information about media files is described by tags. Tags are automatically synced with file metadata without user interference. You work with a small set of tags (~20-30), do your primary job and don’t have to worry about metadata
# Advanced Search enable s you to locate assets with virtually any set of query parameters (more than 100 properties) in conjunction with boolean And/Or operations and a set of conditions like: "Contains", "Starts with", "Matches", etc.
# Saved Searches. Think of it as dynamic collections. Any time a picture with particular properties appears in the catalog, the collection will automatically grow, and you can view it with a single mouse click
# Support for hierarchical tags, with no limitation on nesting levels: categories, people, place, keywords, event…
# Besides Photo and Video formats, Daminion supports PDF, BMP, PSD, PNG, GIF, and Audio formats. Vector and Office format support will be added soon
# Send to Email and optimize images “on-the-fly”


# For Windows Only (not Mac version)
# Doesn't include built-in image editing or RAW editing capabilities
# Beta version

Daminion Software (former PicaJet.com) has released a new version of its server based photo management solution for creative pros and small teams.


Powerful search capabilities provide immediate access to assets of all types, including multimedia and other documents. Daminion is able to easily locate digital images, videos, and documents using a range of criteria, including categories, keywords, camera lens, color labels, rating and creation date. Content can be filtered withover 30 tags in combination with AND/OR operators.

At the heart of the program is its ability to store data inside of media files, including copyright information. All image descriptions are stored inside the relevant files as metadata. Whenever users copy, email, or publish their images, videos, or documents, all of the file information is transferred along with the files. This protects asset ownership and copyright. Without the use of metadata, the potential for lost assets is higher – if unmarked, assets may beinvisible to searches and more vulnerable to misuse.

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