Watermark Software Picture Watermark Photo Editing Software

Watermark Software Picture Watermark Photo Editing Software 


Picture Watermark is a program for protecting your pictures on the Net. The program embeds visible watermarks making it senseless to steal your pictures. With Picture Watermark, you can

  • Protect your pictures before publishing them.
  • Embed watermarks.
  • Protect a picture group of any size at a time (batch mode).
  • Protect pictures independent of their format - Picture Watermark will process them all.
  • Edit watermarks in a convenient graphical interface.
  • Create watermarks out of graphics, text and EXIF values.
  • Save watermarks for future use .
  • Apply filters to watermarks : cast shadows , add contours , glowing , gradient and much more .
  • Rotate watermarks.
  • Make watermarks more detailed for better protection .
  • Write your data to EXIF .
  • Adjust the size of pictures .
  • Pack your pictures into the PDF format for better protection.


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[Aug 03, 2007]
Stupendous Man


Wizard interface makes it easy to create watermarks, or load saved ones.
Works very quickly, watermarking hundreds of files in batch mode
Watermarks can be rotated, tiled, and have various other adjustments applied to them, such as drop shadows, gradients, etc...
Very reasonably priced!


The interface is a bit clunky. I thought it lacked a critical feature - to adjust the opacity of an image watermark, until I got a reply back from them explaining how it is done.

Turns out, there is a window of various options on the right side of the main window, but I only saw the top two options. That window scrolls, showing many other options (including an opacity setting) that were scrolled off the screen.

I rated this product a 5, which may seem generous to some people seeing how it is a lightweight product that only does one thing. However, it is very specific product to address a very specific need, and it fulfils that need very well.

It basically adds "watermarks" to images, either individually or in batch. Watermarks can be created from other images, text, filenames, or exif data.

I frequently take pictures of special events, where I end up with hundreds of pictures. Before uploading them to the internet, I want to put a semi-transparent logo on them. This software does it, and does it well.

Customer Service

The sales support staff actually followed up with me asking how I liked the product and if there was any feature I needed that it did not support. I inquired about a missing feature that I needed and they responded quickly. The product had the feature all along, I just didnt know how to access it. (read the part about the clunky interface above)

Similar Products Used:

I used Breeze Browser for this same feature, but only got one use out of it before the 15 day trial period ended. At $70, it was more expensive than I wanted to pay for this specific feature. However, it had other features that I did not really need anyway.

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