Acclaim Focus Magic Sharpening Software

Acclaim Focus Magic Sharpening Software 


Whether you scan, shoot, print or develop a photo, it gets a little more blurred at each stage. Focus Magic has forensic strength technology to recover detail that is not visible to the naked eye. Using revolutionary technology Focus Magic corrects both out-of-focus blur and motion blur. Works as Windows stand-alone or as a Photoshop plug-in


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[Aug 14, 2011]





Used Focus Magic for several years in conjunction with Photo Shop CS-2, and absolutely loved it, worked as good or better than advertised. Thats the good news! The bad news is. I just purchased a new computer and upgraded Photo Shop CS2 to PS CS5, in addition to upgrading Focus Magic to the most current version, Upon attempting to install Focus Magic to the newer 64 bit CS5, I quickly discovered it was not compatible with CS5. Contacted Acclaim tech support with thw problem. They have informed me within the last two weeks (02 August 2011) Focus Magic has not been upgraded to conform with the newer CS5. Personally, for me that was the Bad News, since I feel it is superior to, and far easier use than CS5's focusing software. Hopefully Acclaim will upgrade Focus Magicfor CS5 sooner rather than later. Unfortunately according to their e-mail it didn't sound to hopeful.


Customer Service

P/S2 and P/S5

[Mar 03, 2011]


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[Jul 22, 2005]


For the money, no other image restoration software fixes blurry photos like it.


Can take several minutes to process a single image.

After scanning a box full of old family kodachromes and b&w photos, I set to work to try and "restore" the these precious old heirlooms. Using the typical photo editing tools, color was corrected, contrast improved, dirt and scratches were removed. But blurry photos were only marginally improved at best using unsharp mask and other shapening tools. There had to be something better! Later, after reading an article about how images from satellites are sharpened using image processing software, I experimented with several programs that claimed to reduce image blur. The best of the bunch was Focus Magic by Acclaim Software. After using the demo on a few fuzzy images, I was suprised by what it recovered! Focus Magic greatly improved out of focus blur and linear motion blur as well (separate operation). Images that would otherwise get thrown away were salvaged. Badly blurred pictures only were marginally improved, though. Focus Magic works as a Photoshop plug-in or as stand-alone program. Bottom line: Great product for reducing minor to moderate amounts of blur and improving the punch of any photo without increasing noise or producing halos.

Customer Service

Emailed questions were promptly answered.

Similar Products Used:

Various freeware and shareware programs along with several consumer oriented photo editing software packages.

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