Hasselblad Snap Lock Flash Bracket Flash Accessories

Hasselblad Snap Lock Flash Bracket Flash Accessories 


  • A 360° swivelling snap-lock mechanism allows the handle to be tilted forwards and backwards to any desired position. With the handle in the upright position two flash shoes allow correct flash head angle whether the camera is held to the eye or at waist-level
  • Handle can be instantly detached from the bracket for flash-off-camera shooting
  • Built-in removable cable release


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    [May 22, 2005]


    1. functionality: when hand held shooting with or without flash. 2. Quality: superb Hasselblad engineering, design, finish. 3. Security of fit to the camera body and overall strength of the unit. 4. Superb ergonomics. 5. Did I mention the great overall quality - great ergonomics and appearance. A very worthwhile addition to a Hasselblad body. I find it is a very good aid to camera stability for getting horizontals correct, which is more challenging in square format than it is in horizontal formats.


    It is very expensive; but on close examination and after some use you quickly see that it is still good value: built to last; secure; and shows the highest quality engineering, design and finish. And the high cost can also be justified by the fact that it is very useable - with or without flash. The cable release is a bit too basic for such a premium unit: the plunger extends too proud of the grip and is fragile and easly bent due to its soft metal; the end fitted to the shutter button can fray where the metal joins the fabric cover. Also the part that is meant to make the plunger end of the cable release fits into the handle fits too losely. It should be rubberised, but is some sort of alloy. Maybe I'll fit a Linhof one to it.

    I purchased this bracket to use with my 501CM and 503CW cameras. I grabbed the opportunity to get this "old" new stock being sold at a bargain price - just too good to pass up. I was looking for a grip/bracket that would enable easier off-tripod shooting with a PM45 prism finder (although it is equally suitable for any prism) fitted - just to add stability when shooting "in the field". First, this is a GREAT product that has been superbly designed, engineered and built by Hasselblad - totally consistent with the beautiful design and finish of their cameras. The finish of the high grade plastic, leather and metal parts is simply wonderful - rock solid, great to hold and a perfect compliment to the cameras. Second, this is equally a great camera support as it is a great flash bracket for non-hammerhead flash units (Hasselblad's D40 or any after-market unit). Third, it is now my preferred way of using either camera body - with or without flash. Finally, the Hasselblad camera coupling device is brilliantly designed. The underside of this unit's body bracket mimicks the underside of the camera body. The metal work is precision engineered and beautifully finished. The "push-in" connection to the handle is an excellent large metal male to female connection with added support of a tightening screw, which is quick and easy to fit. The fitting enables connection of the handle at various verticle angles to suit users' different preferences. The handle is a superbly smooth high quality plastic mould that should fit anyone's hand nicely. The simple cable release plunger sits nicely in front of your left index finger, leaving the right hand free to focus and support the lens. The padded leather strap is all quality and thick and comfortable. It connects to the grip with stainless steel fittings - strong and durable. It is overall a premium no expense spared product that should be seriously considered by those needing better support when hand shooting with or without flash. But, yes, it comes at a normally very high price when bought new. I am totally impressed by this accessory's functionality and overall quality. I had tried the version before this latest model and it too is very good. But this newer version has additional benefits: modular; has the standard Hasselblad quick release base plate design underneath the bracket fitted to the body - ready for quick fitting to a tripod bracket (also sits flat when put down in the same way the camera body does - no protruding screw knob); adjustable angle of fit for the handle.

    Customer Service

    None ever needed for any of my Hasselblad equipment.

    Similar Products Used:

    Accessory side hand grip on Linhof Super Technika V (4x5 camera) - a magnificent unit of similar quality (equally as expensive but comes with a better cable release).

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