Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 Distagon T* 35mm Primes

Zeiss 18mm f/3.5 Distagon T* 35mm Primes 


This ultra wide angle lens is ideal for capturing breathtaking moments in dramatic perspectives. The Distagon T* 3,5 / 18 offers excellent image performance over the entire image field. The precision floating elements design offers constant high performance over the entire distance range from 0.3 m (0.98 ft) to infinity. Optimum reflection absorption combined with the Carl Zeiss T* anti-reflex coating allow for brilliant pictures even under difficult lighting conditions. Extremely contrasting edges are captured without color fringes due to the optimal color correction. Even combined with a digital SLR using a DX type sensor, this lens has an effective focal length of 27 mm, providing an interesting wide angle perspective. The Distagon T* 3,5 / 18 is available with F bayonet (ZF) and K bayonet (ZK). Above all, it is ideal for landscape, architecture and commercial photographers.


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[Feb 10, 2020]


I purchased this lens a few months ago and it is amazing. I slapped this beast on my Canon 5D Mark III and it is now my go-to. The image quality is astonishing. I did a ton of research on wide angle glass for over a year before going for this. I was considering the Canon 24mm TS II, but I couldn't justify it considering I already have a 24-105L. The 24mm TS II is much better in terms of image quality, but it isn't wide enough. I noticed a difference in quality with the first photo I took using this lens. There is some distortion, so it's not particularly great for architectural work, but it's fantastic for landscape work. This is the smartest purchase I've made since getting the Mark III.

[Nov 21, 2009]


Tone and rendition
Built quality
Light weight
manual aperture
manual focusing


some flare in exstreme situations

A wonderful Wide angle on a full frame camera like canon 5Dmk2 or nikon D3x.

Very handy, good handling, Excellent performance in real life situations, Forgiving DOF for walkabout photos. A first choise for interior photos.

Outperforms the very heavy and clumsy but opticallly excellent nikon 14-24 on a D3x in a comparative test(at f8, else it was mor or less a draw).

To get something better you have to enter the medium format using an Alpa camera and Rodenstock wide angles with a Phase one or other good digital back. Or possibly a Leica with Zeiss or Leica lenses.

Customer Service

Very good

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