Quantaray QSX-DigiPro 8500 Tripod Tripods

Quantaray QSX-DigiPro 8500 Tripod Tripods 


The Quantaray QSX-DigiPro 8500 is an exciting new full-size model tripod specifically designed to meet the needs of today?s rapidly expanding ranks of digital shooters. This new tripod features rugged, virtually all-metal construction, superb finish and detailing, enhanced setup convenience, are lightweight, and provide outstanding stability. The Quantaray QSX-DigiPro 8500 has ergonomic black twist locks on its 0.9-inch diameter legs, 12-inch split center column, minimum operating height of 13.8 inches, minimum folded length of 23.2 inches, and weighs 3.8 pounds.


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[Oct 03, 2006]
Steve Calamia


The wide stance ability is nice. It makes it very easy to drop down to a low vantage point without having to adjust the legs for a couple of minutes to get the right perspective. That neoprene wrap might be nice for cold weather, though I haven't had to use that yet. The fact that the three legs aren't tethered to the center makes it easier to find footing for the tripod on uneven ground. The adjustment system feels very solid upon first use.


The leg extensions slowly slip, despite constant tightening of the stays. By the end of the first shoot I was almost breaking the head becuase the adjusting screwposts were digging into the plastic and slipping, so I was constantly tightening them in vain attempts at preventing slipping during a longer exposure. The fact that the three legs are not tied together also means that if you hastily set up the tripod you might not have quite the footing you want and might knock over your tripod, thusly dropping your equipment.
The center bar is not geared and is controlled by a tension twister and a screwpost. This proved quite frustrating. A geared system would be much better.

A somewhat lightweight tripod. No bubble levels. Rubber and spike feet. Twist tight holds for the leg extensions. All adjustable portions are secured by screw post. Has all forms of tilt you could want. Will not look around corners for you, though. Legs can be set to expand to a normal stance or to an extremely wide stance.
My tripod is wobbly. This may be because I bought the floor model at Ritz Camera, however it does speak to the construction if it can't even hold up to being a floor model.

All in all a decent prosumer tripod.

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