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About thomsanborn
My love of photography began when I was just a kid.

I grew up in a small Town in Vermont. When I was 12 years of age, I talked my way into taking pictures for the sports department of the Rutland Herald, the local newspaper. From there with a mailbag for a suitcase, I moved to Santa Barbara California and attended Brooks Institute of Photography.

Most of my photography involves revealing people just as themselves with a minimum amount of production. I've dabbled in stock and commercial work but editorial (magazine), photojournalistic, and documentary work is where my heart is. Call it the beauty of everyday life, for lack of a better title. Former National Geographic photographer Sam Abell called it (and his book) the Photographic Life, and it was his vision that inspired me to pick up a camera and try to earn a living with it. Well, "there can be only one" Sam Abell but it is in his photographic and philosophical footsteps that I have tried to follow.

Upon graduation from Brooks I left with the brass tacks of photography.

After flourishing for more than 15 years I decided to make a move and open a more personalized studio with my Wife. With a strong client following I've been fortunate enough to be able to blend my own creative style with innovative technology to deliver those crucial images to our clients.

In my career I have literally taken more than a million photographs. I have traveled the world on photo shoots, sometimes chasing the very extreme to the very mundane of images, all along working with some of the best people in the advertising industry. I never get bored with photography. I love the challenge of pushing the camera to do things it's not supposed to be able to do. I still enjoy the stress of the difficult shoots and the pressure of the industry. I feel the importance of staying current with the latest technology in photography, and that always keeps me up to date and running. Having said that I got to go, I'm working on my next million images´┐Ż.TS.

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