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Viewfinder and Off-Topic Forums Moderator, walterick
About walterick
Walter "Rick" Long first picked up a real camera in the winter of 1998, an all-manual Minolta X-700. Though he later switched to automatic cameras - and, begrudingly later to digital - all-manual film cameras remain his passion. He shoots predominately nature with a penchant for nighttime landscapes. One of his favorite shots to take is of the night sky. His photography took a leap forward when he moved to the desert southwest in 2005 and has enjoyed shooting the desert environment there since.

He joined the community in 1999 and has attended several photogatherings as well covering film for the site at the annual Photographer's Marketing Association shows in Las Vegas.

Now a moderator of both the Viewfinder and Off-Topic forums, he helps support the site and helps get newbies going in the right direction.

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