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Xia_Ke’s Equipment:

• Rolleicord V
Canonet GIII QL17
Olympus OM-G
• Nikkormat EL
Yashica 124G


Film Cameras and Photography Forum Moderator, Xia_Ke
About Xia_Ke
My earliest memory of photography in my life was of my Dad and his Olympus. It was a constant companion of his and my early life was well documented thanks to it. I started skateboarding and snowboarding when I was a teen and my friends and I were always videotaping and photographing ourselves. Actually I should probably say I did a lot of photographing and videotaping of them as they were a bit better than I was on the sports side�LOL Still though, I wasn�t really bitten by the photography bug.

I�ve always had a love of the woods and nature which was rekindled in my early 20�s. I started taking a camera along on my hikes and taking �snapshots� of nature but, it still hadn�t really taken hold in my life. Fast forward to the Winter of 2007. Having never really found a creative outlet that fit me, art had all but vanished from my life. I was hiking more and more but, was itching to find a new means of self expression. I�m not sure where the seed of photography got planted into my head but, when it did, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I began reading all I could and shopping for a DSLR. In my research, one site kept coming up over and over again, Photography Review. So began my love affair with photography and my stay here at PR.

I ended up getting a Nikon D50 and began shooting everything and constantly experimenting. Black and white photography always held an air of mystery and enchantment to me even when I wasn�t into photography. In the Summer of 2007, after not being fully happy with my B&W digital work, I decided to try shooting and developing b&w film. After pulling my first roll out of the tank, I was HOOKED! My D50 was never touched after that day other than for packing after having sold it. There is now rarely a moment that my Rolleicord V and a spare roll of film aren�t nearby.

The idea of a Film Forum here at PR started as an offhand remark by the captain of our ship, Photo-John. Having a desire to learn all I could about the many aspects of analog photography, a fateful pm about the possibility of starting such a forum here at PR was sent. The rest as they say is history. I�m hoping this will prove to be a wonderful resource for learning. I may not have all the answers but, like some of the other have said, what I lack in knowledge I more than make up for in passion. Whether you are interested in learning film or you�re making tintypes in your bathroom, I look forward to chatting with you. For those of you that have given up on film for digital, I would like to invite you to dust off your old �relics� and try picking up a roll or 2 of film. Thank you John for our new home and whether you shoot film or digital, happy shooting everyone!

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