Help Please- Older Analog Novatron 550 to Canon Xt

I know right off the bat not to hook them directly to my camera. And I'm in a stale mate on them, I have a pair of Trigmaster radio triggers, and I still cant get them to fire off my strobes, I'm thinking the voltage is too low to trip the power pack.Read More »

Does anyone use Novatron Lights?

I am trying to find out if the Novatron lights are any good. I was thinking on buying this set-up when I get the money. [url][/url]Read More »


Novatron Product Categories

Continuous Lighting


M300 Monolight 0
0   Reviews
$ 369.95
M500 Monolight 4
0   Reviews
$ 469.95

Strobe Heads

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