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Adorama iPhone Photography Contest Winners

Today, Adorama announced the winner of their first annual iPhone Photography Contest. The $1,000 Adorama Gift Certificate Grand Prize winner is Neville Black and his image "So Long & Farewell" (http://contest.adorama.com/entries#12815) was created by using an iPhone and three different imaging ...    Read More »

$200 Price Drop On Fujifilm X-E1 Mirrorless Camera

If you've been holding off on buying a mirrorless camera, now might be the right time to pull the trigger. Fujifilm dropped the price on the X-E1, one of our favorite cameras this year, by $200.    Read More »

Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 OS Zoom Lens For APS-C DSLRs

 Sigma recently announced the availability of a new image-stabilized 50-150mm f/2.8 zoom lens. Designed for APS-C sensor digital SLRs (Nikon D5100, Canon EOS Rebel T3i / D600, etc.), the new Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 APO EX DC OS HSM telephoto zoom lens is comparable to a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens on a fu ...    Read More »

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a99 at Adorama $2799.00

[url=http://www.adorama.com/ISOSLTA99V.html]Sony SLT-A99V Digital SLR Camera Body SLT-A99V[/url] I don't see image stabilization but I could be missing it. I have also fallen a bit out of favor with the EVF technology. I enjoy using one but when I shoot portraits and dozens of shots back to back my ... Read More »

Adorama Trade-in Woes... BEWARE

This post is meant to do one thing, in keeping this as short as possible I'd like to tell photographers of my experience with Adorama's Trade-In program and give you guys a warning. In early January I was reading much about the anticipated release of the 5D Mark III, I was a pleased owner of a 5D ... Read More »

Anyone ever sell gear to Adorama?

I have two Canon L-glass lenses and a 1D Mark III I'm thinking of sending into Adorama to sell. The guy on the phone made it sound like a really good deal. However, I read some things online that have me balking a bit, but the complaints were from a few years ago. Anyone know anything about the ... Read More »

Adorama - Used Department - Horrible Service!

Selling used equipment - Just a note to anyone who is thinking about doing this. The process is more lengthy than they tell you and the initial quote they give you when you call is what the end quote is (which is very, very low); however, on top of that, they neglect to tell you that they are only g ... Read More »

Adorama back to the top of my list

I am back to being an Adorama fan. I purchased a refurbished camera body from Adorama this summer. I had it shipped to work and because of an extended contract I was unable to even look at the body until the 30-day return policy had expired. The new body produced an Err99. No matter what I did ... Read More »

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