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Ilford Galerie Pre-Mounted Inkjet Boards

ILFORD offers photographers even greater flexibility with pre-mounted GALERIE boards High quality, cost effective, inkjet printing solutions for the professional imaging market and digital artist Marly, Switzerland- Following an increase in demand from creative photographers, design houses, adverti ...    Read More »

Film Stocks Plug-In Software - Film Presets & More For Photos & Video

If you want Instagram-like effects for your DSLR or other "real" camera, the Film Stocks software might be exactly what you're looking for.    Read More »

TrueGrain - Digital Film?

I don't usually post news, but this is big. If this is for real, then many of us can easily use up that stash of Ilford we have squirreled away behind our frozen fish sticks. On September 18th, Grubba Software released TrueGrain, a stand-alone software product that reproduces the look and feel of ...    Read More »

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Ilford Classic and Smooth pearl on a pro 9000

My local shop doesn't have smooth pearl 13x19 in stock, but they do have classic pearl, which looks beautiful. But, I haven't tried classic pearl on chromalife, I don't know if this printer will much like the classic. Anybody have any experience with the two on a canon pro 9000 (or any canon chrom ... Read More »

Ilford Photo Involvement In Development Of New Polaroid Style Instant Film

[url]http://ilfordphoto.com/pressroom/article.asp?n=113[/url] [B] ILFORD PHOTO INVOLVEMENT IN DEVELOPMENT OF NEW POLAROID STYLE INSTANT FILM[/B] 26th January 2009 ILFORD PHOTO INVOLVEMENT IN DEVELOPMENT OF NEW POLAROID STYLE INSTANT FILM Press Statement 19th January 2009 After the dec ... Read More »

Harman Ilford Warmtone Developer, I think I'm In Love!

Got a chance to try out Harman Ilford Warmtone developer tonight and I think I'm in love! The tones just make me drool :blush2: Fotokemika Emaks Grade 2 Glossy in Harman Ilford Warmtone 1+9 [IMG]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2299/2381383695_774cf61895_o.jpg[/IMG] Slavich Bromportrait Grade ... Read More »

Ilford Photo Develops Its Black And White Process & Print Service

This is another very good sign about the state of things :D [url]http://www.ilfordphoto.com/pressroom/article.asp?n=100[/url] [U][B]ILFORD PHOTO DEVELOPS ITS BLACK AND WHITE PROCESS & PRINT SERVICE[/B][/U] 14th February 2008 ILFORD PHOTO DEVELOPS ITS BLACK AND WHITE PROCESS & PRINT SERVICE ... Read More »

Ilford Photo Launches Myspace Presence

[url]http://www.ilfordphoto.com/pressroom/article.asp?n=95[/url] [U][B]ILFORD PHOTO LAUNCHES MYSPACE PRESENCE[/B][/U] 14th February 2008 ILFORD PHOTO LAUNCHES MYSPACE PRESENCE *Imaging Specialist Hopes to Unite Global Black and White Photographic Community ILFORD PHOTO, the leading manu ... Read More »

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