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Kiev - another scene

Hi all Another scene in Kiev (Ukraine) near the 'cave monastery'. There is just a hint of a major church in the golden dome peeking up over one of the arches, which are pretty ancient. Cheers MikeRead More »

Kiev Cathedral

Hi all I have been travelling about a bit this summer. One of the places was Ukraine. This image was taken in the main cathedral in Kiev. Apart from a tiny bit of light from above, the illumination is almost entirely provided by the candles. Cheers MikeRead More »

Kiev hotel

[url=http://nyvkyhotel.com/]ÁÐÎÍÈÐÎÂÀÍÈÅ ãîñòèíèöû êèåâ[/url]Read More »

Kiev hotel

[url=http://nyvkyhotel.com/]ãîñòèíèöà â êèåâå[/url]Read More »

Kiev hotel

[url=http://nyvkyhotel.com/]ãîòåëü êè¿â[/url]Read More »

Read More »

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