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Would you buy Nikon from WalMart?

My nikon D80 light meter has started acting up so I am looking for a new camera body. So I have just started my research. I looked thru the first 3 pages of this forum and did a search but could not find any posts or feedback on Walmart. I know many don't like Walmart for one reason or another ... Read More »

Yashica + Velvia + Walmart =

Here is a scan of one of my Velvia images that I had processed at Walmart. The scanner at work isn't anything great, but it does give me something to play with.Read More »

Win a $250 Walmart Gift Card

Win a $250 Walmart Gift Card - "worth a try - I think - goto [url]http://freedeals4.tripod.com/co00089.html[/url] and enter info to win a $250 Walmart gift card.Read More »

Copyright infringement at WalMart!

So I'm in Wal-Mart, making an 8x10 for a customer (yes i know, the quality isn't that great, but they actually did suprisingly well!) and I make my print, along with a few other fun prints of my friends and I lounging around in the sun. I take them to the counter for the woman to write up a total, ... Read More »

side doors of walmart

so there's this really cool view right behind walmart up a little hill, and so i headed out there yesterday in hopes that i would get some good pictures of the mountains... turns out i didnt... but on my way down the hill i decided to take a picture of the shadows playing off of the side door. What ... Read More »


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