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Best photo editing software?

Hiya all. I'm new to this forum. :) I'm thinking of buying some photo editing software but I have no idea what to get! I can't really afford photoshop so I was wondering if there was anything cheaper (and maybe easier to use) that you would recommend? I'd like something that I could edit peop ... Read More »

photo editing software

I was a PC user but after a HUGE crash a decided to get a Mac. I was using Corel to edit my pics. Since Corel is not available for Mac users I am trying to figure out what to use instead. I really liked the skin smoothing feature in Corel as well as some of the other "makeover" tools. Does anyone kn ... Read More »

Photo editing software for Macs

I have just bought a digital SLR (Nikon D40x) and have found that the software my mac came with doesn't allow me to do much photo editing. I only have iphoto on it which is fine for viewing photos but fairly useless for photo editing. I had a look at Aperture but as a beginner it seems to be more th ... Read More »

Photo editing software for macs

Hey guys. I have a few questions about low-end editing software for macs. I just got a macbook pro for a graduation present from my family (college) and since all my other editing software is on PC, I need some advice about the switch. I've used Photoshop Elements 5 on the PC for a little while ... Read More »

What photo editing software to use???

I recently bought a new camera and now I need some software to help me do fine tuning. What is the best software to use? I've heard photoshop thrown around a bit is this the best software? Also how much does it cost including currency so I can convert it into Aussie dollars? GommRead More »

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