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Pentax SMC DA* 300mm f/4 SDM Lens - Featured User Review

 Like everyone else, we spend the majority of our time and attention on Nikon and Canon camera gear. But there's a lot of other great photography equipment out there. So here's an excellent review for something different. The Pentax SMC DA* 300mm f/4 SDM telephoto lens is compact, light and wea ...    Read More »

CIPA "CP+" Camera & Photo Imaging Show

Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA), a consortium formed by major camera & imaging industry players including Panasonic, Canon, Casio, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony, is hosting a newly-created photo industry event in Japan called "CP+ (Camera & Photo Imaging Show, pronounced [see-pea ...    Read More »

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kenko extension tubes?

I would like to buy extension tubes for my macro lens. I would like to get closer to the subject... :) Based on my research, the Kenko extension tubes seem to be the best ones (quality/price). Do know any alternatives? I would like to keep the communication between the camera and the lens... What a ... Read More »

Where to buy the set of 3 kenko extension tubes?

Hi guys I think I got cheated by 2 camera sales companies: I purchased a Kenko extension tube set of 3 from Tri State Camera, and I then got a call from the company the next day asking if I want to substitute another extension tube for the one I ordered, the guy said the manual focus tube I re ... Read More »

Teleconverters "Kenko"

Greetings, Does anyone know about the suitability or not of a "Kenko teleplus Pro 300" either 2x or 3x for use with Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 or 70-300mm f4. I understand from what I can find that these converters will still allow AF and VR to work with the lenses? Are they a good buy in comparison to a ... Read More »

Kenko polarizer

Has anyone looked at the polarizer from Kenko and if so what are they like. I can't decide which to get for my 100-400mm and 24-70mm L lens which are both 77mm. I have also been looking at Cokin XPRO, HOYA Pro, but open to suggestions. RogerRead More »

Difference Between Kenko 2x's - DG MC4 and Pro 300 DG

Whats the quality difference like between these two lenses. The price difference is $100. If its worth the $94 for the cheaper one, I'll get that, but I'd rather get a 1gb memory card, clip caps for my lenses and a 77mm UV filter if its not worth it. Heres the links between the two. [url]http: ... Read More »

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