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2008 Photokina News

Delkin’s SensorScope System Adds New Wands And Upgraded Vacuum For Safe, Easy Sensor Cleaning

Poway, CA. September 19th, 2008 – Delkin Devices, creators of the award winning SensorScope, expanded the versatility of their sensor cleaning product line by offering new SensorSafe Wands in three sizes to fit the most common sensors.  The SensorVac is improved with an ergonomic design and more powerful suction.  These custom sized wands and the more powerful vacuum enable photographers to quickly, gently and easily clean any digital SLR camera sensor.  The result is better photographs, unmarred by sensor contaminants appearing on the image file.

Now photographers can maximize cleaning effectiveness with customized cleaning wands. Each wand is designed to fit the three most common sensor sizes in D-SLRs: Large-24mm-full frame, Medium-20mm range, and Small-16mm range. “We’ve always encouraged using the minimum amount of cleaning necessary to keep the image sensor clear,” said Tom Robeson, SensorScope Product Manager.  “The variety of wand sizes makes safely cleaning any camera’s digital SLR sensor faster and more thorough.”

The SensorVac has a new stylish design, and its more powerful suction means photographers may be able to clean most all sensor contaminants with this tool alone.  The soft, safe brush tip is designed to gently release the static bond of debris.  Then the vacuum draws the debris away from the sensor and out of the camera chamber.

“Photographers have a financial investment in their digital SLRs, and an emotional investment in the images they produce,” said Martin Wood, Delkin’s CEO.  “The SensorScope System enables photographers to maintain the quality of both those investments.”

The SensorScope System is the only complete sensor cleaning kit on the market to clean all types of dry and wet sensor contaminants for digital SLR camera sensors. The distinctive, first-of-its-kind components of the SensorScope System are what earned Delkin Devices the prestigious DIMA Award, TIPA Award, and Photography Accessory of the Year in Europe.

With the introduction of the new wands and a more powerful vacuum, Delkin Devices once again proves it is committed to continuous improvement and making photography better.

Delkin Devices, Inc. is based in Poway, California, and its European branch office is located in Birmingham, England. Delkin has been “Making Photography Better” since 1986. From SensorScope cleaning products and Archival Gold Media to Pop-Up Shades and Power batteries, Delkin products deliver premium quality, innovative designs and an ongoing dedication to superior customer service. Delkin Devices and its products have become worldwide industry leaders in both OEM and consumer markets. Delkin branded memory cards continue to be a leading choice among professional photographers and others passionate about digital photography.

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