Kodak EasyShare M580, M575, M550 and M530

2010 CES Kodak News

Kodak M Series Kodak announced the EasyShare M580, EasyShare M575, EasyShare M550, and EasyShare M530 digital cameras. The new cameras are designed to make sharing pictures and videos to sites like Facebook, Kodak Gallery, Flickr, YouTube, and an e-mail address, as simple as pressing one button, The Share Button, on the camera. The Share Button also allows consumers to tag pictures directly on the camera.

The Kodak EasyShare M580 features 14-megapixels, an 8X Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon Optical Zoom Wide Angle Lens, 3-inch Bright LCD with Kodak Color Science technology, HD video capture, and a built-in HDMI connector. It will be available in silver, light blue, brown, purple and pink colors.

The Kodak EasyShare M575 features 14-megapixels, 5X Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon Optical Zoom Wide Angle Lens, 3-inch bright LCD with Kodak Color Science technology, and  HD video capture. It will be available in red, green, blue, black and brown colors.

The Kodak EasyShare M550 features 12-megapixels, 5X Optical Zoom Wide Angle Lens, and a 2.7-inch Bright LCD with Kodak Color Science technology. It will be available in dark grey, purple, tan, blue and green colors.

The Kodak EasyShare M530 features 12-megapixels, 3X Optical Zoom Lens, and a 2.7-inch bright LCD with Kodak Color Science technology. It will be available in red, green, blue, orange and carbon colors.

The Kodak EasyShare M580 and EasyShare M575 will be available April 2010 for $199.95 and $179.95, respectively. The Kodak EasyShare M550 will be available March 2010 for $149.95. The Kodak EasyShare M530 will be available February 2010 for $129.95.

Official Kodak EasyShare M580, M575, M550 and M530 Press Release

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Kodak EasyShare M580

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  • ghie says:

    DEAR Sir/Madam,
    Good day!!!I would like to asked where is the service of KODAK here in
    Seoul Korea because i would like to confirmed if the the model that i was bought was original.I was confuse when I check the serial number found in the camera was different on the box and at the same time the model number.If I rely on the model number found in the camera I cant find the color of the item at the KODAK WEBSITE.The model number found in the camera was M530 and the color was white.I search it on the site if the M530 has no white color because less than a week after i bought the color was faded already.I was very disappointed why this product in don’t know if the product was an imitation.I bought it last august 1,2010.I want to return the item because its not original they do not accept it.How can we patronized the product if we have no guarantee it is original.Sales clerk said the item was made from Japan so i was attracted.This was happened in Yongsan Seoul Korea.
    I want to return the product please advice me what can I do……….Thanks you
    Waiting for the advice of your good company..Godbless

  • Jasmine says:

    I have the m550 camera, and it is really great for taking pictures, sharing them, etc.! It’s great to have fun with and to stand by your side always, wherever you go- I’m not a professional photographer (just a teenager ready for her first own non-disposable camera), but I’m gonna write a little review on it!
    The pros:
    First of all, I love the color I got- icy blue. Totally cool!
    This camera is relatively easy to use. The icons are clear to read and the built-in help system is amazing; it’s helped me a lot.
    I like the easy opening of the battery/memory card compartment, the charging is easy (it’s cool that it is a rechargeable battery), and the screen is crisp, make sure to remove the foil though!
    Another pro is the variety of settings you can adjust to your environment. Although I don’t see a huge difference between some settings and Smart Capture, the standard mode, I really like some of the settings, for example Panorama- this is really nice! The night setting also makes it easier to get nice pics after sundown.
    Furthermore, I love the many things you can do just with the camera itself- crop and tag your pics on the camera? Really?

    The cons- just a few minor glitches!:
    Face recognition doesn’t work very well- one face got recognized, but the “recognition square” (idk?!) wasn’t completely on the face. I don’t know how to describe it, it just wasn’t really focused or something.
    The camera is very compact; that makes it easy to slip through your fingers. The arrows and the “ok” button are tiny and crisp, so that can make them hard to press quickly. I would’ve loved a bit more hold and volume on the camera.
    This is totally personal preference as I know that most cameras today don’t have that, but remember that little window on the top of the camera to look through? Yeah, I miss that. I’d have liked the camera to have that. Same thing with the flash housy on the top of the camera…lol. But that’s just like that for me.
    As I said, these cons were just minor things that were mostly personal preference, but as a neutral buyer, I’d definitely buy this camera again if I had to!

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