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2010 PMA Digital Picture Frames Events Featured Kodak Videos

Kodak Pulse digital frame with WiFiNormally, we don’t give digital picture frames a whole lot of thought or attention. However, the demo of the new Kodak Pulse digital frame at PMA was pretty compelling. It’s got a built-in WiFi connection and it can be managed from a computer and synched with the Kodak Gallery as well as other social networking sites like Facebook. The Kodak rep told me I could actually manage a Pulse frame for my mom, in California, from my computer in Utah. That’s pretty damn cool. Check out the video demo below for more.

I’d love some comments on this (comments can be posted below). Do you own a digital picture frame? What do you think of it? Do you think the Kodak Pulse is interesting or is it something that you could take or leave? I’d love to know what people think. I think the technology is pretty cool, although I’m not sure if I would buy one for myself.

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  • CD Price - drg says:

    I have purchased several frames in the past two years. Mostly H-P and Kodak in the 8″ (800×600) size.

    The wedding photography business has started to see a huge boom in wanting these on tables and being able to update them wirelessly on the fly is the ‘latest’ thing. They become favors that go home with the lucky winner of a drawing. With increasing amounts of digital delivery this is just another part of the new wedding package.

    Another area I’ve explored with various clients is using them to update customers at the retail front end with shots of work being done that might interest them. Custom car shops, interior design, and landscapers are three I’ve had recent experience with using these as digital ‘collateral’.

    I’ve got a couple of non-profits that are using them for public information sign for hours of operation, upcoming events, thank you pictures, and general ‘this is what we are doing’ type of displays on counters/desktops. The one public library where I’m the staff photographer is using one on the main desk for all kinds of promotion including new books, videos, and other materials. The library also uses it for photograph (from yours truly among others) from contests, events, and library activity/promotions to keep patrons informed of the ‘tax dollars at work’.

    The newer frames that allow on the fly updates (auto-load, WiFi, BlueTooth) still need management to remove older photos or to be viewed to make sure the loaded images are not dark or washed out. Other than that the quality has dramatically improved of late. Still need to be careful that the photos are not overexposed. Blown highlighst look a lot worse than dark areas on the frames I’ve used.

  • Tommy says:

    6/25/10 I bought the Kodak Pulse from amazon.com for $119.00 no tax, free shipping. The frame is AMAZING. It’s easy to set up and use. Sending photos from cellphones and computers to the frame’s dedicated email address is easy. Future version could. e bigger in size, have more memory and perhaps have additional features.
    Buy a Kodak Pulse frame NOW.

  • RainyDayInterns says:

    This may be the best digital frame on the market today….the killer feature is that images can be sent directly to the frame via its unique email address. Unlike the Ceiva frames…no annual fee or subscription required.

    Here is a FirstLook of the Kodak Pulse:

    Click on any of the images for a larger version.


  • Dewey Larkin says:

    We’re buying one for our mom, so she can view pics of our travels as we take them, rather than waiting for us to bring them to her. This should be most cool! She loves to see photos but has no technical abilities, so we can set this up and run it for her, from anywhere!

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