New Orleans Residents To New Yorkers After Superstorm Sandy (Photos)

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I love this Tumblr photo gallery! For the last week the news has rightly been dominated by Superstorm Sandy – first the storm itself, and then the aftermath and cleanup. I’ve been watching it as closely as anyone else, with an eye for photo coverage of the post-storm wreckage. There’s been a lot of fine and moving documentation of Sandy’s destruction but nothing has moved me as much as Andy Kopsa’s creative and insightful “NOLA to New York” photo project, which features portraits of New Orleans residents holding handwritten notes for the people of New York. Andy is currently a resident of New York City but she lived in New Orleans during Katrina and realized that New Orleaneans have a unique understanding and compassion for the victims of Superstorm Sandy. As she so succinctly says on the NOLA to New York “About” page:

“Who better than the people of New Orleans to talk to the people of NYC right now. They know, they lived through Katrina. They are still living with it seven years later.”

NOLA to New York Photo Gallery
Photo of New Orleans resident Gogo, with a message to New Yorkers after Superstorm Sandy.
Copyright 2012 Andy Kopsa

NOLA to New York >>

If you live in New Orleans and you’d like to contribute your own photo, you can send it to Andy Kopsa via her personal Web site:

Andy isn’t making any money from her NOLA to New York project – it’s purely about helping the residents of New York who are suffering in the aftermath of Sandy. If you’d like to help, she suggests you donate to your local Red Cross chapter or New Orleans Gives Back.

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