Olympus Stylus-550WP Digital Camera

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Olympus Stylus-550WP Digital CameraOlympus has announced the latest addition to its waterproof line, the Stylus-550WP Digital Camera. The Olympus Stylus-550WP Digital Camera is perfect for users who want to take images of their aquatic adventures or just for everyday pool use with the easy to use underwater scene mode. The Stylus-550WP  features 10 Megapixels, Intelligent Auto Mode, and Face Detection. The slim lightweight, aluminum exterior is sealed from the elements by interior rubber gaskets and O-rings and can submerged up to 10 feet under water.

The Stylus-550WP Digital Camera will be available in February 2009 for $199.99.

Olympus Stylus-550WP Digital Camera Press Release

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  • James says:

    I was so excited to find these light-weight waterproof cameras, but unfortunately I’ve had three of them fail for different reasons due to use in the water… Twice the shutter jammed and once the camera gave me an error message that the battery cover was open when it wasn’t (1030 sw). I wonder if olympus has resolved these problems and if other useres are having the same experience… I have to say though, the people at olympus Canada were very good about giving the service and respecting the waranty… but the product appears to be inferior, even though the photos are excellent quality.

  • mimi says:

    easy to use underwater scene mode, Intelligent Auto Mode and Face Detection is good, i like blue color.

  • bob newbie says:

    i owned this camera for about a month now. i was excited when i used it in the pool finally. the pictures and video looked great. easy, and light to carry around. but when i brought it inside, i noticed that there was something saying to unplug the USB cable (but nothing is connected to it). All other functions seems to be disabled too. so, when all else fails, i took out the battery to restart everything and i still got the same problem, asking about the usb. so i plug in the usb cable to my laptop and then unplug it, but it didnt worked. anybody else has this proglem and is there a solution? this is too new to have any problems like this.

  • Krassi says:

    I have exactly the same problem with my Olympus 550WP. It is brand new and the first week of use it came with the USB problem. I never used it in water. In fact it did not leave home. The Olympus service in AUSTRALIA refused to repair it. They sed that the waranty does not apply for new cameras putshased from Ebay. If you find a solution please contact me.

  • tom says:

    It should not matter where you purchased the item, if you have all the paper work they should cover it. And if it it’s less then 30 days old ebay should cover it.

  • Kristin says:

    Mine started saying that last night and it won’t come off…. If anyone figures out how to clear this message please let me know. Thanks.

  • Sergio says:

    I had the same problem, but in my case i was swimming and then appear a message of memory card damage. When i check the camera i found some water inside the battery slot. I remove the battery and the mem card and let it dry. Later, i turn on the camera and the message about unplug the usb cable appear!!! if there is any solution please let us know Thanks.

  • elaine says:

    Had the camera last Wednesday and i was so excited using it underwater since we’re going to go on a summer vacation. Everything was working well until i’ve submerged it in less than a foot of fresh water when we were having a dip. But prior to that, i’ve checked all covers if they are intact. When i clicked the “shoot” button, it turned itself off. THe battery was then fully charged.

    I let it dry for some time and when i checked it, i found some water in the battery slot. So, i removed the memory card and battery and dried it.

    Wishing that the camera would still work, i put on the battery again and tried the camera. FAIL =( Didn’t open nor worked.

    My camera’s only 5 days old..

    Any solution on this?


    Im an extreeme dude and have only one shot for stuff.
    My camera stoipped working ( USB CABE STUFF) and I opened it.
    Guess what ???
    making a few short circuits I reset it and when I got it to shoot pics again it crossed my mind to CLOSE THE USB door and BAM
    Locked again

    Will be posting solution

    Jose Abularach on Face Book

  • hahahajim says:

    hi jose,

    so do you have the solution? please post it…..thanks so much


  • Blahblah says:

    I’ve only used my camera a couple of times, & the same thing happened to me. It says there is a USB cable plugged into when there isn’t. I’ve tried so many different things, & it just doesn’t work. Does anyone have a solution for this? Pleaseeeeee!!!! I got it for my cruise Saturday, & now it isn’t working):

  • mae says:

    I have the same problem! has anyone found a solution yet???

  • I have the same problem, with the message USB cable, can't seem to goet it to go away. Very frustrating, won't ever buy an Olympus camera again! says:

    I hate this camera, not user friendly, piece of junk!

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