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XritePhoto.comX-Rite has just launched XritePhoto.com, a new website for interactive learning, exploring, and exchanging ideas as they relate to color. XritePhoto.com will serve as a color resource center and online community for photographers. Users can participate in the blog, test their color vision, sign up for a webinar, access X-Rite’s color experts, view educational videos, learn from the Coloratti pro community, or enter on-going contests.

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  • Kathleen Campbell says:

    I’m using Colormunki and having problems with a gray border that shows up around each print. I’ve been reading online and see that this is a common problem, if you are using Apple 10.6.2, PS CS4 and the version 4 ICC profiles from Colormunki. Apparently, if you change any one of these things the problem goes away. The one I would choose would be to revert to the Colormunki version 2 ICC profiles, but I do not understand how to do that. Online sites say to do it, but not how. I’m not knowledgeable enough and need to be walked through this. Can you help?

    Also, I’m trying to calibrate many printers, not only at home but at school. I understand about the other glitch regarding calibration –ie, that you can no longer turn off color management unless you perform a walkaround. Again, I understand the problem, but not the solution, when I read it online. I need all the baby steps in between, that the writers of this advice know so well as to think it unnecessary to explain. But, alas, I do NOT know them, so please provide them in your reply.

    Thanks, Kathleen Campbell, Professor of Art, Appalachian State University

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