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Metz flashes, good or no good?

The past two weeks I've been trying to decide on the right flash for my Canon. I know there is the 580EX and the 430 but they are really expensive. I've been researching a couple of the off brands and I read a really good review of this model from Metz [url]http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/ ... Read More »

Metz 58 AF-2

In perhaps the silliest looking configuration with the XZ-1. I'm really impressed though with the XZ-1 in remote flash mode with the 58 AF-2 as slave. That's a very flexible setup, I can use the VF-2 on the camera and still have a working flash.Read More »

metz 36 v onboard flash

hi! im currently using a lightscoop which uses the onboard flash to bounce flash from the ceiling or the wall but it has its limitations, im looking for something more powerful so that i can close down my aperture to 5.6 sometimes and hopefully not have to use iso 800. would the metz 36 AF4 be ... Read More »

Metz Flash

Anyone using Metz Flash for their oly and if so then let me know how are they, i want to sell my Fl36 and get a FL 50 or something along those linesRead More »

Metz 58 on the E520 vis a vis the Fl50r

I am looking for a new flash to use with my E520 camera, has one use the Metz 58 with this camera, please advise on the compatibilty with E520 and how use friendly are the menus on the metz vis a vis the fl50rRead More »


Metz Product Categories


15MS-1 TTL Ring Light 0
0   Reviews
$ 376.87
20 C-2 0
0   Reviews
$ 53.00
28 AF-3N 0
0   Reviews
$ 130.00
28CS-2 0
0   Reviews
$ 129.95
36C-2 Flash 0
0   Reviews
$ 100.00
44AF-1M TTL Flash 0
0   Reviews
$ 190.00
45CL-1 Flash Unit 4.4
5   Reviews
$ 370.00
45CL-4 Flash 5
18   Reviews
$ 578.00
76 MZ-5 TTL Flash 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00

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