1TB Swiss Army Knife Announced

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1TB Swiss Army Knife AnnouncedAt first glance, this may not seem like a photography article. But trust me, it is. Or at least, I want it to be. Earlier today I got a message from my friend and sometimes author here, Patia Stephens. All it said was “Want,” with a link to an article on this product – a new 1-terabyte SSD Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox. They announced the new 1TB SSD Swiss Army Knife at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas and it’s been making the rounds of the gadget Web sites today. It looks like your standard garden-variety mini Swiss Army Knife. But along with the knife, scissors and nail file, it also contains a 1TB SSD hard drive – which you can store photos on!

Victorinox 1-Terabyte SSD Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox hasn’t officially announced a price for the 1TB SSD Swiss Army Knife but Internet speculation is that it will probably cost about $2000. The SSD knife will also be available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities. If you can’t afford the (projected) $2000 price tag for the Victorinox SSD knife, they also announced new USB 3.0 Swiss Army Knives at CES. The Victorinox Slim 3.0 is faster than a USB 2.0 drive and comes in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities. It’s available with or without the actual knife, so you can take it through airport security without having it confiscated.

Patia Stephens
Victorinox Web Site

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  • francois says:

    Nice. At first it looks like a joke. But then it makes sense. What does the perfect utility knife need but a mem card :)

  • Photo-John says:

    Totally, francois! Actually, Victorinox has been making little Swiss Army Knives with USB storage in them for quite a while. But the 1TB SSD hard drive takes it to a ridiculous (ridiculously awesome) new level.

  • Andrew says:

    Wow, whilst I will most definitely not be able to afford the $2000 price tag of the 1TB version, its also fair to say I wouldn’t need 1TB. a 128GB USB 3.0 however, now that sounds more like it.
    The fact that you can buy it without a knife is great too. they’ve finally realised that airports dont like knives.

  • Patia says:

    It would be better if it had an LED flashlight. LOL.

  • Charlie (Anbesol) says:

    It certainly is awesome, but at this point it still seems a bit premature to spend what will undoubtedly be in the $4/500 plus range for a swiss army knife with removable storage, unless one has the specific need for such a huge size. The proof of concept certainly has some value in it, I’m excited that SSD storage is getting smaller and smaller (and bigger and bigger) every day.

    Paul – I would bet that it can achieve ESATA speeds on a USB 3 bus anyway.

  • Izzy says:

    US$2K??? =p

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