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Faster Memory Cards

Add digital camera memory to the more, bigger, faster category. The SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash card offers up to 100 MB per second transfer and is guaranteed for 20 MB per second for HD video recording. Stock up on these suckers while they’re still a bargain at $1500. Lexar, Sony and Kingston introduced new high-speed, high-capacity SD memory cards designed to handle the speed and storage required by compact cameras and digital SLRs with full HD video capture. I don’t know about you, but I’m not in the market for memory cards that cost hundreds of dollars. However, whenever the memory bar gets raised, prices come down on what was already available. Looks like the new memory card pricing sweet spot is gonna be 32 gee bees.


There weren’t any dramatic new camera technologies introduced at CES this year. Rather, it was all about enhancing and refining point-and-shoot camera features and performance – especially video. I think every camera I mentioned in this article has 1920 x 1080 full HD video and even entry-level cameras introduced at CES have 720p HD video.

I really like that the camera makers are embracing the pocket superzoom camera category. Pocket superzooms offer the most P&S camera for the money right now and the whole category deserves more attention. As these cameras improve, I think we’ll see less and less interest in high-end compact cameras that don’t fit in a pocket. I know I’ve already lost interest in those cameras. Except for the new Olympus XZ-1. Once again, my favorite CES announcement was the Olympus XZ-1 with its f/1.8 Zuiko lens. I wish it was a little smaller but I don’t think it’s possible with that beautiful lens. Sometimes we just have to make sacrifices.

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  • John Moyer says:

    Your list of competitors of the Olympus XZ-1 missed “the big elephant in the room,” the Canon S95!
    Excellent camera, most direct competitor, and $100 less.

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