Canon 5D Mark II Video Firmware Update 2.0.3 – What Does It Mean?

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  Last night, Canon announced the release of a much-anticipated firmware update that enhances the video performance of the EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR. On a side note – it’s a sign of the times that an anxiously anticipated camera firmware update is targeted mostly at video features. But that’s another story… With 1080p […]

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Red DSMC, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and the Olympus E-520

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Possibly, the most important recent camera news is the announcement of the Red DSMC system. Red is the most important camera company no one has ever heard of. They made a name for themselves with a modular digital video camera called Red One. Now they’re attacking the high-end digital SLR market with their DSMC (Digital […]

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Red Announces Epic And Scarlet DSMC System

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Red Announces Digital Still And Motion Camera System There’s a lot of buzz in the online photography community about the new Red modular camera system, announced today. Red really stirred things up in the digital video industry last year with their Red One ultra high-def modular video camera system. I’m no video expert and I […]

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