Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card Connects Cameras To Android, iPhone And iPad

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New Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card Connects Cameras To Android, iPhone And iPadThe folks at Eye-Fi have done some neat stuff with their Wi-Fi digital camera memory cards. But their latest announcement takes the cake. With their new Mobile X2 SDHC memory card and a corresponding Eye-Fi app for your Android phone, iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet you can wirelessly transfer photos from your digital camera to your phone or tablet – even if there’s no Wi-Fi network available.

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How does the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 work? I have no idea – magic, probably. All that really matters is I can take pictures with one of my many sweet point-and-shoot cameras, transfer them to my phone and then upload to the Internet. Unlike the millions of hipsters plastering the Web with over-processed Hipstamatic photos, I am not a fan of low quality iPhone photography. I love the image quality and exposure control of my real cameras and I’d much rather share those photos than a crappy camera phone photo. Thank you, Eye-Fi for making this possible!

Ok, I actually did read the press release and I do know how the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 card and Direct Mode work. The X2 card generates its own mini Wi-Fi network, which allows your phone or tablet to connect and snatch up the photos from your camera. Olympus has a Bluetooth accessory called the Penpal that essentially does the same thing except it’s only compatible with Android devices. As an iPhone owner, I’m psyched that I will soon be able to do the same thing – and with any SDHC memory card-compatible camera! Check out the video below to see it in action.

The new Eye-Fi Mobile X2 SDHC memory card will be available at Best Buy and Apple stores later this week. The retail price for the 8 GB card is US $79.99. The Eye-Fi mobile apps and a free Direct Mode upgrade for previous Eye-Fi X2 memory cards will also be available later this week. Gimme.

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Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Wi-Fi SDHC memory card

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  • Photo-John says:

    I didn’t say this in my article but I’m saying it now – I’m buying one of these for sure!

  • Jeff h says:

    I’m am all over this, I’ve been looking for something like this for my iphone 3 for the last year!

    Thanks John

  • smartwombat says:

    I don’t even have an iPhone and I’m interested.
    Just to send to my laptop.

  • Photo-John says:

    Are you talking about with or without a wi-fi connection? Because if you’ve got a wi-fi connection you can do it with any standard Eye-Fi SD card. I’ll let you know more about the new card soon. I visited Eye-Fi while I was in the bay Area and picked up a card to test. I’m really excited about this one!

  • raynardo says:

    I can’t help but think that this is a cure for a disease that doesn’t exist.

    Why not just take the card out of your camera and use a USB card reader to load your photos into your computer? It probably a ton faster than WiFi.

    Oh, your computer doesn’t have a USB port….then you picked the wrong computer.

    • Photo-John says:

      I was kind of with you with the Eye-Fi cards, until this new one. The reason I’m excited about this card is I can now replace camera phone photos with *real* photos when I’m out doing stuff. The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 card will allow me to take pictures with a good point-and-shoot, transfer them to my phone, then upload them to the Web. I share a lot of camera phone photos when I’m at events, skiing and mountain biking. Now I don’t have to post crappy photos anymore.

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