Kodak EasyShare M590 Digital Camera

2010 Photokina Kodak News

Kodak EasyShare M590 Digital CameraToday, Kodak announced the EasyShare M590 digital camera. The EasyShare M590 features 14-megapixels, a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lens with 5X optical zoom, Kodak’s Face Recognition and Smart Capture features, built-in image stabilization, a 2.7-inch LCD with Kodak Color Science technology, HD picture and video capture, and Kodak’s Share Button so users can tag and upload pictures and videos directly to popular social networking sites including Facebook, Kodak Gallery, Flick, and YouTube and any Kodak PULSE Digital Frame.

The EasyShare M590 digital camera will be available for $199.95 in silver, red, purple and blue colors.

Kodak EasyShare M590 Digital Camera Press Release

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  • Shannon says:

    I love Kodak! Everytime I see people with all there other cameras and they cant seem to figure out how to use them I always tell them to go out and get a Kodak! There easy , you get a program to doctor up your pictures and you can share them online with just a push of a butten! I could even walk you through it on the phone if I had to! :) Everytime I need an upgrade I get a Kodak! Now I need to save up for this new M590! OMGosh! Its a have to have! Just wanted to say Grate Job Kodak! and Thank you! everyone in my house hold has one! we have 4 :) Shannon

  • G Rob says:

    ‘Shannon’ who apparently works for Kodak needs to not use the Cut and Paste when leaving fake reviews. I have no doubt this is a decent camera but when the exact same ‘review’ comes up on multiple platforms (each with the same misspelled words) it’s pretty pathetic. So is your name Shannon or is it Raz as seen on another website review?

  • Johnny says:


    Geeesshh! Go back to school and finish your education!

  • dlawter says:

    I’m on this site to read a review about the Kodak M590. G Rob and Johnny – You need to ignore correcting comments and outing people and contribute to information about this Kodak M590. Does anybody have pros and cons on this camera? Thank you!

  • WhatTheF says:

    Hey dlawter. Yeah, I came here for the same reason as you. So exactly how did your comment enlighten me? Sorry you feel the need to defend a shill for a camera company but without G Rob’s input I would think I was getting what you and I both say we want – an unbiased review. Apparently, you would rather get a planted review. To each their own – just try to be consistent and don’t complain about G Rob outing Shannon for what he or she is.

  • Photo-John says:

    Easy guys. This is just an announcement story and not intended to be a review. If you want actual reviews, check our Kodak user review section: http://www.photographyreview.com/mfr/kodak/MCL_8723CRX.ASPX

    As for the first post being a plant, that’s hard to say. Unless G Rob can point me to another page on the Web where the text was copied from, it’s pretty tough for me know. We do take comments on the site seriously, though. If we do catch someone shilling we remove their posts and ban them from posting.

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