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Kodak EasyShare Z980 Digital CameraThe Kodak EasyShare Z980 is a compact, 12-megapixel digital camera with an industry-leading 24x optical zoom lens – equal to a 35mm range of 26mm to 624mm. The Z980 features a unique detachable vertical grip with a vertical shutter release. Other highlights are a vivid 3-inch LCD monitor, HD video capacity, mechanical image stabilization and Kodak’s Smart Capture, which combines scene recognition, automatic exposure and noise reduction. The Kodak EasyShare Z980 retails for $399.95.

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Kodak EasyShare Z980 Studio Test Images
studio_icon.jpg ISO 64 Sample >>
ISO 100 Sample >>
ISO 200 Sample >>
ISO 400 Sample >>
ISO 800 Sample >>
ISO 1600 Sample >>

Kodak EasyShare Z980 - Potato Patchwork

    Kodak EasyShare Z980 Pros

  • Phenomenal 24x 26-624mm wide-angle zoom lens.
  • Well-designed user interface.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Mechanical image stabilization.
  • Numerous exposure settings, including Smart Capture, scene modes and full manual control.
  • ISO range from 64 to 6400.
  • Flash hot shoe.
  • Fast click-to-capture speed (less than 0.2 second).
    Kodak EasyShare Z980 Cons

  • Image quality isn’t great.
  • Lens cap doesn’t stay on.
  • Short battery life.
  • RAW file format is virtually useless.
  • Short maximum shutter speed of 16 seconds.
Kodak EasyShare Z980 - front and back

Kodak EasyShare Z980 - LensBefore I started writing camera reviews for PhotographyREVIEW.com, I owned two Kodak compact digital cameras and was an unabashed fan. I even encouraged a few friends and family members to purchase Kodak cameras because of their good quality and value. For this reason, and because I’m also an aficionado of superzoom digital cameras, I was really looking forward to trying out the Kodak EasyShare Z980. With a zoom range of 26-624mm, the Z980′s lens length is surpassed only by the 26x Olympus SP-590 (26-676mm).

I used the camera around my home in Missoula, Montana, to photograph flowers, birds and deer, as well as on a trip to “Butte, America,” where I shot fireworks and a Fourth of July parade. I’m satisfied with most of my photographs, although a few situations left me wanting more from the Z980. Now a veteran of half a dozen reviews of various brands and types of cameras, I have higher expectations. I’m still a Kodak fan – but with qualifications.

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  • Photo-John says:

    Thanks for the great review, Patia. I think this is your best review yet. I agree that the image quality from this camera leaves something to be desired. Image quality has been improving so much that the studio samples for this camera really show how far behind this camera is. I also think the images look terribly oversaturated. This may be a conscious decision by Kodak as they probably look great on the LCD and to the untrained eye. But that kind of oversaturation means the images are already pushed pretty hard when they come out of the camera, leaving little room for clean post-processing. If this were my camera I’d turn down the in-camera saturation.

  • Patia says:

    Thanks, John. As always, there’s a real trade-off between features, image quality and price. The Z980 is no exception. It will be a great camera for those who want a full-featured camera and a super-long lens at a good price. Average consumers won’t notice the difference in image quality.

  • Thanks for the useful information. Kodak is always known for its high quality products. I am impressed by the design. 12 mp camera is really good. Image quality is very nice. Its a nice performer.

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  • DC says:

    This looks like a great camera, can’t wait to try it out.

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