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Olympus XZ-1 Camera Studio Sample PhotosThe new Olympus XZ-1 is one of the coolest new compact cameras to be introduced this year. It’s got a super-fast f/1.8 Zuiko zoom lens, RAW, manual exposure and the same accessory port as the Olympus Pen cameras. I got a pre-production XZ-1 from Olympus so I could have an article and video posted when it was announced (Olympus XZ-1 preview video). Now I have a production XZ-1 that I can actually shoot with and share photos. I’m getting things started with high-res studio sample photos at all ISO settings. Download ‘em, print ‘em and compare to your pixel-peeping heart’s content.

The Olympus XZ-1 sample photos below were shot RAW at f/5.6 in aperture priority and converted to TIFF files with the included Olympus Viewer 2 software. The graybar, logo and text were added in Photoshop and they were then re-saved as highest quality JPGs. No noise reduction or other post-production adjustment have been applied.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the Olympus XZ-1 sample photos at their original 10-megapixel resolution.


Olympus XZ-1 ISO 100 high-res studio sample photo
Olympus XZ-1
ISO 100 Sample
Olympus XZ-1 ISO 200 high-res studio sample photo
Olympus XZ-1
ISO 200 Sample
Olympus XZ-1 ISO 400 high-res studio sample photo
Olympus XZ-1
ISO 400 Sample

Olympus XZ-1 ISO 800 high-res studio sample photo
Olympus XZ-1
ISO 800 Sample
Olympus XZ-1 ISO 1600 high-res studio sample photo
Olympus XZ-1
ISO 1600 Sample
Olympus XZ-1 ISO 3200 high-res studio sample photo
Olympus XZ-1
ISO 3200 Sample

Olympus XZ-1 ISO 6400 high-res studio sample photo
Olympus XZ-1
ISO 6400 Sample


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  • Don R says:

    Very curious why you shot these at f5.6. Surely there would be diffraction at that aperture? I would have thought this camera would have done better at around f2.8.

  • Photo-John says:

    Good question, Don. I usually shoot at a middle aperture to balance diffraction and depth-of-field. With a digital SLR that usually means f/8. In this case I went with f/5.6 because the smallest aperture on the camera is f/8. It’s possible I should have gone wider. Did you notice any diffraction in the sample photos?

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