Sigma DP2 Digital Camera

2008 Photokina News Sigma

Packing the full spec of a DSLR into the body of a compact camera

Sigma DP2 Digital CameraSigma announced the new 14 megapixel DP2 compact digital camera. It builds on the success of the Sigma DP1, with a 24.2mm F2.8 lens, equivalent to 41mm on a 35mm SLR camera, FOVEON X3 direct image sensor that is used in the Sigma SD14 digital SLR, RAW format recording, a large 2.5” TFT color LCD monitor, and a pop up (manual) built-in flash.

The DP2 has increasing creative possibilities and superior image quality, improving handling and performance

Sigma DP2 Digital Camera Press Release

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  • Richard Franiec says:

    The concept of multiple cameras system with different focal lengths makes me dizzy.

    DP1 itself in my view is a great compliment to DSLR but not the replacement due to limiting single focal lens and smallish maximum aperture.

    If the idea is intended to replicate coverage of a typical rangefinder (21-105mm or in this case maybe 28-41-90mm) it boggles my mind why one need multiple sensors and hardware to do just that. Statistically, more things could go wrong with 3 cameras than one.

    Another aspect is the improvement in UI and processing from model to model.

    If TRUE II is vastly superior to current processor and the next cam in the line will have even better processing parameters would I buy improved DP1 Mark II(III) fitted with latest and greatest to make all the bodies compatible?

    For the long run interchangeable lens system seems to be much more logical and economical approach. I rather update camera body every so often and use existing lenses than keep replacing multiple cameras. It is not even environmentally friendly. Maybe the concept is designed to prevent cutting into lens sales which is the manufacturer’s stronghold? Why not sell the same lens every time you want to upgrade to improved body?

    Having said that I’m not so sure if purchasing DP2, 3, X, is the road I want to follow.

    Best regards


  • John Sampson says:

    The real reason is that camera manufacturers are all trying to increase their market share in the categories. They already have the R&D results to produce and launch much more advanced equipment at the same price as the current models. Just have a look at the Leica M8 and the recently launched Leica M9.
    Then have a look at how far they’ve progressed with the Leica S!!!

    And, of course, the prices are stratospheric! How many 35mm DSLR’s are they hoping to sell at those prices? Panasonic will soon come along with a competitive camera that will do exactly what the Leica does, at half the price, and remember, Leica and Panasonic have worked together producing similar cameras.

    All the others have climbed on the wagon. Badge engineering is not just common to the automotive sector. Don’t be fooled.

  • Leo says:

    It is simply impossible to make a camera so small as the DP 1 & 2 are with a zoom lens. If you want that nice big sensor that is. Sigma has made the chose to go the way the Leica X1 is going now, with a fixed no interchangeable lens. I do not think they will come with a 90 mm DP camera. I like the limiting of a single focus lens or in this case a camera. 10 times better then all the compacts with zooms and small sensors. Keep in mind that Sigma was the first compact camera with a big sensor, now followed with “compact” camera’s with interchangeable lenses. But still a much smaller sensor. In the analoge times a camera with a single not interchangeable lens was the most normal camera you could buy.

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