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I spent a good portion of yesterday hitting refresh, mesmerized by the photos and videos of Hurricane Sandy I was seeing on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been using Twitter for years but the Hurricane Sandy Twitter coverage has had the most personal effect on me of all the big events I’ve seen on Twitter. Sure, there was some fake stuff posted but for the most part the quality of the coverage – at least from the people I follow – was excellent. I didn’t even bother to watch the news on TV because I was seeing it all unfold live on Twitter. As a photographer, I also knew Sandy would produce some excellent photojournalism. So part of what I was doing yesterday was collecting links to the best Hurricane Sandy photo galleries I could find. There were lots of great photos coming from the usual professional sources, but regular folks were also sharing powerful photos via Twitter and Instagram. This is a testament to the man on the spot and the power of the camera phone. But rather than blabbing on and on about the storm, Twitter, and photojournalism, let me just shut up share the best Hurricane Sandy storm photos I’ve found.

Note: I’ve been updating this article with new Hurricane Sandy gallery links all day and will continue to do so as long as I find worthy new galleries or people share new, worthy links.

Hurricane Sandy NASA Satellite Photo

Because this is a serious photography site and we respect copyright I’m not going to post anyone’s photos here unless I’ve been able to get their permission. The links below will take you to some of the best Hurricane Sandy Web galleries I found yesterday and today.

Some of the Hurricane Sandy photography has even transcended the disaster / photojournalism photo genres. Here are a couple of Instagram photos and a professional image that I think deserve to be called Art with a capital A:

Jane’s Carousel
Pedestrian Crossing 1st Avenue
Rainbow Over Manhattan

Without a doubt, some of the best Hurricane Sandy photography has come from regular folks with camera phones. Here are a few of excellent curated Hurricane Sandy social network galleries:

Hashtag #hurricanesandy Instagram Photo Gallery
Mobile Photo Group Hurricane Sandy Live Instagram Gallery
Storify Sandy Flooding Gallery

CNN has an addressing the relationship between Sandy and global warning that includes a good Sandy aftermath gallery:

Is Sandy a taste of things to come?

The Atlantic has been one of the best sources for Hurricane Sandy storm photos. Here are four galleries from their Web site, including photos showing Sandy in the Caribbean:

Most Unbelievable Real Pictures of Sandy’s Destruction
Most Spectacular Photos of Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy: After Landfall
Hurricane Sandy in Photos

Of course, the New York Times also has some excellent photo coverage of Sandy as well as a great interactive gallery of reader-contributed photos. Like I said, some of the most compelling photos of the Sandy destruction are coming from regular folks, on the spot, with their camera phones and social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:

Hurricane Sandy Disrupts Millions of Lives
Readers’ Photographs of Hurricane Sandy

Yahoo News published a post-Sandy photo gallery of New Jersey, which took the brunt of the storm:

Sandy devastates New Jersey

There’s an excellent gallery on this Daily Mirror (UK) Hurricane Sandy news story page from Sunday:

Daily Mirror Hurricane News Page

Flickr is always a great place to search for photos. They have a Hurricane Sandy “Frankenstorm” article up on the Flickr Blog today as well as a Hurricane Sandy gallery of member photos. The quality of photography on Flickr is usually excellent, too:

‘Frankenstorm’ Sandy hits the North American East Coast
Flickr Hurricane Sandy Member Gallery

Here are a couple excellent Hurricane Sandy photo galleries from the Time Magazine Web site and Time Lightbox, their photojournalism showcase:

Hurricane Sandy Bears Down on East Coast
In the Eye of the Storm: Capturing Sandy’s Wrath

And another very good Sandy storm gallery on the Albequerque Journal’s Web site:

Hurricane Sandy Gallery

This gallery amateur and professional photos from the Web site is huge and covers a lot of Hurricane Sandy terrain, from snow storms in West Virgina to the devastation in New York. Thanks to Valerie Woo for sharing this one with us:

Photos: Superstorm Slams East

The photographs from Sandy are truly awe-inspiring and disturbing. I never could have imagined chest-deep water swirling through New York City’s East Village. Our thoughts are with all the people suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – from Canada to the Caribbean. It seems like it could have been much, much worse, although I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way to the people who have lost family members, homes, pets, etc. Here’s to all of us pulling together and coming out of this a stronger, more compassionate people.

I’m sure there are plenty of great Hurricane Sandy photos and galleries that I missed. And there will be more over the next few days and even weeks as East Coast residents dig out and assess the damage. We welcome your contributions so if you have a favorite Hurricane Sandy photo or know of a good Hurricane Sandy gallery that we haven’t already shared, please post a link in the comments, below. Your links will help make this page into an even better Hurricane Sandy photo resource.

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