The Impossible Project Announces New Instant Film

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New Instant Film From The Impossible ProjectPolaroid stopped production of its instant film line in early 2008. Most people probably think of a trademark white frame and soft, quirky snapshots when they think of Polaroid. The truth is, there’s a passionate and flourishing fine art community that uses Polaroid instant film and cameras as the foundation for their art. The Impossible Project was founded in late 2008 to preserve Polaroid-style instant film and allow people to continue enjoying instant film photography and existing Polaroid instant film cameras. Today, The Impossible Project announced PX100 and PX600 Silver Shade monochrome film – their first instant films. The new films will be available on Thursday, March 25th. The Polaroid art photography community is very excited about the new film and looking forward to more from The Impossible Project.

Dowload The Impossible Project PX100 and PX600 PDF Press Release >>

I’ve been following The Impossible Project since it was announced and will continue to follow it and keep our readers updated. We should have a guest article on this subject soon. I find The Impossible Project especially compelling because it’s a new business that appears to be almost totally motivated by artistic passion. That’s special in this day and age and deserves our recognition and support. The new Impossible Film packaging is pretty nice, too.
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Impossible Film - PX100 instant film
Impossible Film - PX600 instant film

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  • Mark Gregory says:

    Great news about The Impossible Projects new SX70 film! I was afraid that I’d have to consign my camera to a life of dust accumulation on a lonely shelf at home. I will be following this with interest,
    Good work!

  • sevenpoppies says:


    so excited.

  • Photo-John says:

    I haven’t shot a Polaroid for years. But I confess, this makes me want to dig up once of my old Polaroid cameras. Now, what about film for my iZone camera! :D

  • danimations says:

    Wow, what an achievement! This is the 1s I’ve heard of this project and will def. get me rummaging for my ol’ polaroid cameras..!

  • Photo-John says:

    Make sure to also read Futurowoman’s article, The Impossible Project Gives Polaroid Photographers Hope

    She was a beta tester for the new Impossible film and her article is passionate and includes a couple of photos taken with the new film.

  • Horrible results says:

    I tried the Impossible film and I have to say I am very disappointed. The stuff is sooooo temperature sensitive making it very difficult to use. On my first pack, out of 8 shots i got ONE that was acceptable. five packs later, and i even tried a different camera and different exposure settings, i cant get consistent results when the same temperature is maintained. You basically need a controlled temperature environment, to store the loaded camera, take the shot and develop the picture. Lastly, one of the packs i got would not even work. I think there is a lot more work needed here and i hope future results are better. But for now I am going to stick with expired Polaroid film – the real stuff wherever i can get it. So far I’ve had great results with expired film. Good luck

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