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One Day At PMA

The 2010 PMA photography tradeshow was set at the always-bustling hub of the Anaheim Convention Center in Orange County, California just a stone's throw away from Disneyland. I've been to the Interbike bicycle tradeshow many times before, but never to a photography tradeshow. So, as a photographer I ...    Read More »

Sigma DP1 Digital Camera Preview

I was very excited about Sigma's DP1 compact digital camera when it was announced at the 2006 PMA tradeshow. It took over a year for it to actually be released and then a few more months for us to get one for review. So was it worth the wait? I can't say yet as I only had a few days to play with it ...    Read More »

Sigma DP1 Delay Explained

Sigma has released an official announcement about their DP1 compact digital camera. But it wasn't released and there hasn't been a peep about it from Sigma until now. You may recall that the DP1 was shown at PMA this past spring and the PhotographyREVIEW.com journalists were very excited about it. I ...    Read More »

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Yashica T4 Help!

I have had my Yashica T4 for a few months, all going great and then last week I was taking a photo and the shutter wouldn't release. Its as if the lens extends a little to focus like normal but then nothing happens, the shutter doesn't open. Has anyone had this problem before? Any solutions before ... Read More »

Tales of a Yashica-12

So last month I got my first 'real' TLR, unlike my qwirky Lubitel 2, this is a Yashica-12. When I first got my hands on it it worked fine, however when I got film loaded and out into the field, the shutter refused to open. So I had to take it in to get fixed, and I found a great place to do it in Ha ... Read More »

question about 2x converter on yashica electro x

Heya just got a yashica electro x from my gpa that came with a couple of items i had a question about. The 2x converter specifically; for some reason when i try to change the aperture nothing happens, but when i change it via the aperture ring on the actual lens i get a significant exposure differe ... Read More »

Kodak E100 and Yashica 124G

Aaron sent me a box full of film weeks ago and in the box was a couple of rolls of Kodak E100 slide film. I finally got a chance a couple of weeks ago to shoot a roll. I am having some scanner issues, I can't find my MF template so this one has some more around the edges I couldn't get to scan. Th ... Read More »

Yashica + Velvia + Walmart =

Here is a scan of one of my Velvia images that I had processed at Walmart. The scanner at work isn't anything great, but it does give me something to play with.Read More »

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