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Agfa Film Returns To North AmericaIn a rare bit of film news, Lupus Imaging & Media, a partner in the group that owns the AgfaPhoto brand, has announced that AgfaPhoto film products will be distributed in North America by Ferrania USA. The “re-launch” of AgfaPhoto photographic products in North America will include AgfaPhoto Vista 35mm color print film, AgfaPhoto CT Precisa 100 35mm transparency (slide) film and AgfaPhoto APX 100 Professional black and white film. Ferrania USA will also be distributing AgfaPhoto single-use 35mm film cameras, 35mm point-and-shoot cameras, and AgfaPhoto batteries.

I don’t have any recent experience with AgfaPhoto film, but I do have fond memories of using Agfa black and white paper, black and white film and slide film, back in the day. Right now, any news about increased film availability and manufacturer commitment has to be good news to film photographers. Film is becoming more and more of a niche product but I don’t see it going away. Photographers who began with digital cameras are beginning to experiment with film and the darkroom. And some pros who switched to digital are starting to drift back to film because no post-processing is required and in some markets (weddings and portraits), customers ask for film. The market for film products is certainly tiny compared to what it used to be. But there’s still money to be made and it’s good to know that there will be another film brand available in to photographers in North America.

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  • Sviddu Naeaes says:

    “And some pros who switched to digital are starting to drift back to film because no post-processing is required”

    And film is ready when you shoot it? =)
    Probably not, not even after you develop it, neither straight after scanning (unless its not so critical how does it look like). Generally, film needs more effort to make it look good. Of course you dont need to use photoshop if you just make wet prints in a darkroom, but if you choose digital workflow you will most likely spend much more time with each frame than with digital. At least if you want to have control and make your photos look good – really. Of course the results are different too and any good pro’s will make their decisions based on the final image.

  • Johnny says:

    “Generally, film needs more effort to make it look good.”

    Not from my experience. Negative film needs color balancing after scanning, but with or without still looks a mile better than the average digital image (flat, blown highlights, oversaturated colors, bad white balance…)

  • christopher says:

    extraordinary news!
    thank you Agfa for bringing back APX100 b/w, the BEST b/w film made!

  • Carney Photo says:

    While the major push by manufactures (both camera and software) starting to wain the weak voices of the film photographers maybe is getting a bit louder? But no, there are still those (the first commentators) that still have to fill the void with the party line. The line is simple……Digital is easier than film. This is true only to those that lack the experience (skill) of creating a great image at the moment that the opportunity presents itself. They find it easier to do a “snap shot” and then manipulate it in Photoshop to be something better than what it was. While the debate should and will rage on I applaud the return of one of the premier companies (Agfa) for developing photography into a source of creative talent and historical archiving. There is one thing that digital will never be and that is the historical recording media that film has been.

  • touring jacket says:

    i like agfa……very clear result of photography it has……very nice….

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