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Canon EOS 7D Studio Sample PhotosThese high-resolution studio sample photos were taken with a pre-production unit of the new 18-megapixel Canon EOS 7D digital camera and the new EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens at a focal length of 55mm. All sample photos were shot as RAW + JPEG in Aperture Priority mode at f/8.0 using the tungsten white balance preset. The high-res images are from the JPEG files because Canon didn’t send us the RAW software. When we get the RAW software we’ll replace these with images converted from the RAW files. No adjustments have been made to the JPEGs other than adding the logo and graybar.

I shot a whole lot of photos in the field with the Canon EOS 7D over the weekend. You can see my EOS 7D gallery, here. Keep checking it as I will be adding more photos as I have time to set them up and upload them.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the photos at their original resolution.

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 100 Sample
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 200 Sample
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 400 Sample

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 800 Sample
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 1600 Sample
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 3200 Sample

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 6400 Sample
Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 7D
ISO 12800 Sample

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Photo-John, a.k.a. John Shafer, is the managing editor of and has been since the site launched back in 1999. He's an avid outdoor enthusiast and spends as much time as possible on his mountain bike, hiking or skiing in the mountains. He's been taking pictures for ever and ever, and never goes anywhere without a camera.

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  • This camera its going to be a big one.

  • Photo-John says:

    I agree. I’m not sure it’s going to be better than comparable Nikons (D300s and D90). But it will definitely make Canon owners happy – if it performs as promised. There are a lot of photographers who haven’t forgotten the EOS-1D Mark III AF fiasco. That said, I was pretty pleased with the performance over the few days I had the camera – and it was a pre-production body.

  • Klino says:


    what’s the idea to provide samples with nothing on image corners, just clear wall?

  • Ordered mine today!! Yay!! Can’t wait to get it

  • Valerie says:

    He’s testing the noise levels produced at different ISO levels. You will see noise more on a clean white surface.

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  • 7D ZEED says:

    Traditionally the three areas full frame cameras outshine crop cameras are a bigger brighter viewfinder, shallower depth of field for portrait photography, and better ISO performance, which on the last point the Canon 7D has proven not be an issue anymore.
    And for the second point really, most beautiful low depth of field portraits are done around f2.8-2.0 in full frame (going wider will make depth of field too narrow to place two eyes in focus). Hence, if one is using a wide prime, a crop sensor will produce the same depth of field at 2.0-1.4. Considering an affordable 50mm f1.4 lens on crop has the same field of view as 85mm lens on full frame there is really no reason to discount a crop camera any more as the 7D levels the playing field.

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