Nikon Digital SLR Guide

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Last year, I invited professional outdoor adventure photographer and longtime Nikon shooter Dan Bailey to give us an overview of the Nikon digital SLR line. He’s a longtime Nikon user and I couldn’t think of a better person to give us a snapshot (heh heh) of the 2011Nikon has introduced a bunch of new digital […]

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Holiday Gift Guide For Photographers

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We’ve put together a Holiday gift guide with cameras, DSLR lenses and some other resources to help you find the right gifts for the photographers in your life. Just click on the photos below to see our picks for the best holiday gifts for photographers. If you need a little help figuring out what kind […]

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Cheap Last Minute Holiday Gifts For Photographers

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 Here it is, down to the wire for Holiday shopping again. And you don’t have anything for the photographer in your life yet? Good thing you found this page because we can help. Below you’ll find ten cheap, last minute gift recommendations that photographers will love. They’re all under $100 and most are less than […]

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Best DSLR Lens Holiday Guide

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 It’s Holiday shopping season again. But what if you or someone you’re shopping for already has a good camera? If you do need a camera, check out our 2011 Best Digital Camera Holiday Guide. If you already have a good digital SLR, the next thing you should add to your camera bag is a better […]

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Best Digital Camera Holiday Guide

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 Trying to pick out the best digital cameras for Holiday gifts? Whether you’re looking for a camera for your family, husband, wife, partner, friend or even for yourself (that’s ok with me), there’s a camera in our Best Digital Camera Holiday Guide that fits your needs. The list includes everything from powerful digital SLRs to […]

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Sony Alpha DSLR Guide

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 Sony was a latecomer to digital SLRs. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they don’t have game. About six years ago they bought all of Konica-Minolta’s digital SLR patents and a few months later they released their digital SLR, the Sony Alpha A100. There was a lot of skepticism about Sony’s ability to […]

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Best Canon DSLR Guide

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 Welcome to our Canon digital SLR guide! This article will help you choose the best Canon DSLR for your needs and budget. To help you make the best choice, we’ve included prices and basic information for all current Canon DSLRs, as well as links to user reviews, professional reviews and articles on the cameras.

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Renting A Camera Lens Online

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Through A Glass, Briefly: My Experience Renting A Lens  After years of hearing about the epic spring bird migration at Freezeout Lake on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, I finally made the trip in late March. I decided to try renting a lens for my weekend adventure.

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Ten Cheap Holiday Gifts For Photographers

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 When we think of gifts for photographers it’s hard not to get stuck on expensive cameras and lenses. Most of us can’t afford to give gifts that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, though. Fortunately, there are lots of cool photography-related gifts that don’t cost a ton of money. To help those of you […]

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Top Five Budget Zoom Lenses

Buying Guides Canon Featured Lenses Nikon Sigma Tamron

 I wrote this top five inexpensive zoom lens article in December of 2009 and I’ve updated it here for 2010 / 11. Giving a digital SLR as a gift isn’t practical or affordable for most of us (if you are shopping for a DSLR make sure to read my Top Five Beginner Digital SLRs guide). […]

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Five Great Digital Cameras For Summer

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 I’m not quite sure how it happened, but here we are on the edge of July, right smack in the middle of summer (on the top of the globe, anyway). No doubt, many of you have exciting summer vacations, activities and events planned that could benefit from a new digital camera. This article lists five […]

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Dads And Grads Digital Camera And Photo Gift Guide

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This guide was originally published in 2008 but we’ve updated it for 2010 with new camera recommendations as well as information on all the new HD video options, Micro Four Thirds cameras and the latest waterproof point-and-shoot digital cameras.

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Mothers Day Camera And Photography Gift Guide

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Every mother wants to keep pictures of her loved ones close to her, so cameras and photographs make ideal Mother’s Day gifts. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your mom – and don’t forget grandmothers and wives! – there are many photographic options, from cameras and accessories to prints and collectibles. We’ve […]

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Top Five Lenses To Blow Your 2009 Tax Refund On

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 This is a follow-up to the Top Five Cameras To Blow Your Tax Refund On story I posted last week. I finished my taxes at 3 AM, the day before they were due. I know I’m not the only one who puts them off to the last minute. Even knowing I’ve got a fat refund […]

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Top Five Cameras To Blow Your 2009 Tax Refund On

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  I started this article on April 14th, the day before US taxes are due. I finished my taxes at 3 AM the next morning. How about you? Are you one of those people who takes care of them right away or do you put them off to the last minute like I do? More […]

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