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Oskar Barnack built the first Leica camera in 1913. That means Leica is getting ready to celebrate their 100th birthday. Some photographers feign disdain for Leica cameras, claiming they’re too expensive and impractical. The truth is, those photographers are in denial. All photographers lust after Leica gear. They may not admit it, but they do. Leica cameras are an integral part of the history of photography and they have a form-follows-function beauty that’s nearly impossible to match. With an entry price of US $5500 for Leica’s new “affordable” M-E digital rangefinder, they really are too expensive for most of us. We may be able to afford a book about Leica cameras, though. And right on time for this Holiday season, Leica has just such a book: “Ninety Nine Years Leica” celebrates the 99th anniversary of Leica and is “part history lesson, part compilation of personal anecdotes, part pop culture retrospective.” The book includes some of the most famous and important photos taken with Leica cameras in its 300 pages as well as the history of the brand. It will make a great gift for any photographer – even the ones who pretend they don’t care about Leica.

New Book: Ninety Nine Years Leica

New Book: Ninety Nine Years Leica

The book, “Ninety Nine Years Leica,” is available now – mostly through dedicated Leica boutiques like the Leica stores in New York City and Washington DC. It’s also available at selected authorized Leica dealers. The price is US $130. Order now if you want one because there are less than 1500 copies in North America.

Leica 1 - Circa 1925

Leica 1 - Circa 1925

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