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This shouldn’t be news to anyone with eyes or ears because it was all over the TV news, the Internet, and you couldn’t miss it if you went out at night. But just in case you spent the past few days indoors with no power, or in a cave, there was a “Supermoon” this past weekend. The Supermoon occurs when the full moon is closest to the earth, making it appear extra large and bright. It’s a great opportunity for spectacular moon photos and it seemed like every photographer on the planet was out shooting this weekend. Below you’ll find a collection of links to some of the best Supermoon galleries I found on the Web. Enjoy!

Supermoon Over Cherokee Rock Village by Greg McCary

This photo of the Supermoon rising behind Cherokee Rock Village in Alabama was made by PhotographyREVIEW.com member, Greg McCary. You can see more community member Supermoon photos on the PhotographyREVIEW.com ViewFinder Forum. If you’ve got your own Supermoon photos, please share them in that forum thread. We want to see them!

Supermoon Forum Discussion & Photos >>

Our first Big Sur stop was Point Lobos. Point Lobos State Reserve is a very popular location for landscape photography. Many notable photographers have taken pictures at Point Lobos, including Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. The cliffs, beaches, tide pools and cypress trees make great subjects and I could spend days shooting at Point Lobos without getting bored. However, we had a big drive with lots of stops in front of us so we didn’t explore the whole park. We went out to Sea Lion Cove – and yes, there were sea lions. That’s not all, though. We also saw sea otters, crabs, sea anemones, deer, and tons of birds. However, the photographic highlight of our Point Lobos stop was the incredible wildflower display. They were going crazy, as you can see in the photo below of the natural hanging garden on the cliffs above the cove. It’s almost hard to believe this is completely natural.

Huffington Post Supermoon Gallery >>

Yahoo also had a good Supermoon gallery. There are some duplicate since everyone is sourcing from AP and other news photo outlets. But the photos aren’t all the same and the Yahoo gallery is definitely worth browsing:

Yahoo Supermoon Gallery >>

The Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture” news photo site also has a good gallery, although you have to answer a survey question to see all of the photos:

Yahoo Supermoon Gallery >>

Notice that all the best Supermoon photos include a good foreground element and most were taken before it got too dark. Keep that in mind if you want to take your own Supermoon photos. June 23rd was the largest Supermoon of 2013. The next time the moon will be this close to the earth is August 10, 2014. However, there are actually 4 to 6 Supermoons per year and photographers will have another opportunity on July 22nd. I wasn’t prepared this past weekend but you can bet I’ll be ready for the next Supermoon.

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