New Kodak EasyShare M750 WiFi Camera And Smart Phone App

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New Kodak EasyShare M750 WiFi Camera And Smart Phone AppWith the new 16-megapixel Kodak EasyShare M750 wireless digital camera, you can share photos through a WiFi network – or – install Kodak’s free EasyShare Camera App on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry smart phone and you can transfer your photos from the camera and share from your phone. The M750 isn’t the first WiFi-powered digital camera and it’s not even the first WiFi camera from Kodak. However, it steps up wireless camera functionality with the smart phone app, which gives you access to all your favorite photography apps and social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram once you’ve transferred photos from the camera to your phone.

Kodak EasyShare M750 WiFi Camera

“The launch of the EASYSHARE Wireless Camera M750 marks the perfect union of the smartphone and digital camera,” said Phil Scott, Vice President of Digital Capture and Accessories. “The two technologies are now married to bring consumers the best experience from capture to share. Socially savvy users no longer have to compromise on image quality, now we can take great pictures and share instantly.”

That echoes what I’ve been saying for a while in response to people gushing about the iPhone camera. Yes, it’s convenient and the new iPhone camera is very, very good. But I still think a real camera with a real zoom lens is better and the Kodak EasyShare M750 is a nice option for point-and-shoot photographers who want a little more camera than their smart phone has to offer.

Here’s a short video demo of the M750 from Kodak’s CES tradeshow booth:

As far as the camera goes, the M750 is a pretty straightforward 16-megapixel point-and-shoot. It has a 5x 26–130mm zoom lens, 720p HD video and Smart Capture automatic shooting mode along with Program and scene modes. It also has face recognition, panorama stitch and built-in film effects like Kodacolor, Kodachrome, and Tri-X. Besides the WiFi, the EasyShare M750’s coolest feature is its 3-inch touchscreen LCD display, which allows you to change settings using the LCD and browse photos by swiping and tapping just like you do with your smart phone.

To be fair, the Kodak EasyShare M750’s WiFi functionality can be had with almost any digital camera if you buy an Eye-Fi Mobile X2 SD memory card (our Eye-Fi Mobile X2 SD card review). But this is the first time I’m aware of that the same kind of functionality has been built into a digital camera and the camera maker has provided their own app. I believe this is also the only option for Blackberry smart phone users, since the Eye-Fi app is only compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

The new Kodak EasyShare M750 wireless camera should be available within the next three or four months – the Kodak press release says, “spring.” The suggested retail price for the M750 is $169.95 and it will be available in red, blue and silver.

Kodak EasyShare M750 Press Release >>

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  • PAul says:

    Hah, pretty much kills the Polaroid don’t you think?
    Wireless link to the smaartphone, where you can run an app to share the images via 3G if you don’t have a WiFi hotspot, and greater zoom than the Polaroid.
    But how long will Kodak remain in business?

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