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Olympus E-PL5 Pen Camera Unboxing & Video IntroThe E-PL5 is Olympus’s latest Pen-Series compact system camera. The size and exterior design are pretty comparable with its predecessor, the E-PL3. However, the performance has taken a big leap thanks to the camera’s 16-megapixel sensor – the same sensor that’s used in Olympus’s popular, class-leading OM-D E-M5 mirrorless camera. Thanks to the OM-D sensor and better processing, the E-PL5 should walk all over the image quality and speed of previous Olympus Pen cameras. Check out my Olympus E-PL5 Pen camera unboxing and intro video below for a hands-on look at the camera’s features and controls.

Olympus E-PL5 Pen Camera Unboxing & Video Intro:

I’ve been shooting with the E-PL5 for a few days and plan to post a short first-impressions article with sample images, shortly. Studio test photos will also be up on the site soon. After that, the plan is to send the camera to our friend, professional photographer Megan Green. She’s traveling to Cuba with ICP (International Center of Photography) for a Cuban photo workshop. Since the Olympus Pen cameras are so compact, they make excellent travel cameras and I can’t imagine a better venue for an E-PL5 review than a photo trip to Cuba.

For a more in-depth look at the features, specs and performance of the E-PL5, check out our Olympus E-PL5 and Olympus OM-D E-M5 intro articles. And keep your eyes opened for Megan’s E-PL5 Cuban travel camera review!

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Photo-John, a.k.a. John Shafer, is the managing editor of PhotographyREVIEW.com and has been since the site launched back in 1999. He's an avid outdoor enthusiast and spends as much time as possible on his mountain bike, hiking or skiing in the mountains. He's been taking pictures for ever and ever, and never goes anywhere without a camera.

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  • Lidarman says:

    Thanks John for the excellent review. I have one on it’s way to arrive Tuesday! :D Bummer the kit doesn’t come with a hood for the lens.

    Not sure I’m excited about the touch screen when Mountain Biking though…Need some touch screen gloves. ;)

    • Photo-John says:

      Lidarman – good to see you’re still lurking here! Please write a review once you’ve used the camera for a bit and gotten to know it.

      I think you’ll be very happy with the E-PL5 as a mountain bike / backpack camera. I’ve been using the Olympus Pen cameras for most of my casual mountain bike photography for the past two years or so. There’s pretty much no penalty having them in your CamelBak and the quality has been solid for a while. With the E-PL5′s 8 FPS burst and improved IQ, it’s a no-brainer. If you find the kit lens limiting, check out the Zuiko 14-150mm zoom. That’s what I carry when I’m riding. The range is incredible and I have no complaints about the optical quality. Another thing you might want to consider is the optional EVF. It’s not cheap but having that third point-of-contact when you’re shooting can make a big difference – especially for video and panning photos.

      • Lidarman says:


        I will review this camera. One note I thought I would offer here for people is on my casual rides for a long time, I have used a Panasonic lx-3—which has evolved into a design of the lx 7 that I thought should have been created when I got the lx3. Anyway, I got a Lowpro AW 40 case that I strapped on my pack chest strap. It worked so well that when I ordered this camera, I got a Lowepro AW110, which will do the same with this camera. I use the neck strap on the camera and keep it on the chest. Fast access for shots while riding or quick draw on a stop. I used to do this with my Nikon D200 too but over several hours the bouncing weight wore me down a bit. This camera seems to have the best of both worlds and now that I am shooting a lot of video, there is that extra bonus, This camera is a winner even after 30 minutes of having it in my hand…..and the quality of the high ISO is incredible.

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