Sony MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Cameras

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Sony MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1 Webbie HD CamerasSony introduced two new Webbie HD cameras, the MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1,  which allow for quick video and photo uploads to the web – perfect for social networking!

The MHS-CM1 features a 2.5-inch LCD screen that swivels up to 270 degrees, 5X optical zoom, a slim horizontal design that fits naturally in your palm, 5-megapixel still photos and the ability to capture high definition video (1440×1080/30p).

The MHS-PM1 features 4X digital zoom, a rotating swivel lens, just four-ounces in weight, five scene selection modes, 5-megapixel still photos and the ability to capture high definition video (1440×1080/30p) as well. The embedded software allows the user to quickly upload content online in a few simple clicks.

The MHS-CM1 camera is available now for $200 and the MHS-PM1 will be available in April for $170. They are available in three colors, eggplant, orange and silver.

Sony MHS-CM1 and MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Cameras Press Release

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Sony MHS-CM1 Webbie HD Camera

Sony MHS-PM1 Webbie HD Camera

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  • jedifred says:

    Saw this camera announced at CES and as my family has been looking for a family camera to replace our Panasonic 601 MiniDV camera, it seemed like a great opportunity at a great price to get a light-weight HD cam that can go anywhere.

    The feel is more solid than I thought it might be; this camera is even smaller than you think. The screen is vibrant, but it also represents my only complaint about the physical state of the camera – and it is minor; the screen does seem like it could easily break off. Probably no more than any other camera, but the size of this camera makes it seem moreso.

    The image quality seems very good. I viewed the video on a 50″ Samsung plasma and thought the image was better than my Panasonic DV cam footage. Now, since the media is Duo Card, you are presumably going to be dumping footage off onto DVD or computer as needed. I supposed you could just keep buying Duo cards, but that would get expensive. For that reason, I would recommend the biggest card available right now, the 16GB Duo. Hopefully, Sony keeps the Duo cards coming in bigger sizes; I did hear about a possible 1 TB card for 2009 or 2010.

    I dumped my test files into my Mac and used Final Cut Pro to edit them. I took one file and burned it using DVD Studio Pro just as-is out of the camera. Then I took the same file and opened it in Quicktime Pro and exported it as a .MOV file, then burned it to disc. The image quality between the two was, in my view, about the same, differences negligible. Be advised that if you are a Mac user the only benefit you receive from the DVD that comes with this camera is a full-color PDF manual; the software which comes with the camera is WINTEL-ONLY.

    Render times for the above process was HIGH. My FCP runs on a Dual Processor G5 and it just seemed to take forever to render the footage – and it was only a couple of minutes. That must be the MPEG4 drawback and of course, FCP is not designed yet to work smoothly with MPEG4.

    The camera is advertised as being designed for web-a-holics who post on You Tube, etc. We have no intention of doing that and hope it will be a great easily-portable cam for family activities and events. It certainly seems so.

    The purple color is awesome. It is unique and stands out. The camera fits easily in a case designed for medium-sized digital still cameras – yes, that is how small it is – fits in an adult palm with room to spare.

    BE ADVISED: Sony apparently did not feel compelled to include internal memory large enough to get even 15 seconds of video recorded. That seems just stupid. So, out of the box, you get 15 seconds of video in 720 or 1080p. So plan on buying a DUO card at the time you get the camera. Mine was purchased here on Amazon through Parts Store for $60 + $10 shipping. That is 50% off the price on the Sony Style website. FYI, Best Buy does not carry the 16GB card.

  • david says:

    is it true that the batteries just run 85 minutes? is it posible to charge it while recording/capturing it trought a notebook connection (USB I suppose) for example? because i wanted to use it for at least 120 minutes.

  • Michael says:

    Saw these cameras at CES. While very compact, the image quality even with Sony’s demo footage was not very good. I would not recommend purchasing one of these in place of a regular consumer HD camcorder if you are concerned about video quality. It’s not even close. The still quality on the other had was pretty decent.

  • Brian Carey says:

    I am very disappointed in this Sony product, MHS-CM1. I shot some video then attempted to shot more I got the memory stick full message with less then 15 minutes of footage, then a memory format error message this happen several times each time I reformatted the memory stick I lost all my video and pictures. This wouldn’t been so bad if I was at home, this happen on a trip to Iceland. Not wanting to miss out on the awesome scenery and action I purchased another memory stick at twice the price than in the USA. The problem persisted. Can’t comment on the picture/video quality never got any out of this piece of junk. Thanks Sony for this piece of made in China crap.

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  • Jeff says:

    I have repeatedly lost hours of family video due to the format error issue which corrupts the data on the memory stick and requires a reformat. This happens on Sony and SanDisk Media. POS. Now the view finder is displaying upside down. Returning this with extreme prejudice

  • This is one awesome camecorder/camera! My videos improved 100% because of this thing! plus its HD

  • Ramki says:

    Repeated \memory stick full\ and \format error\ ; It is frustrating to lose important and hours of vedeos shot on trips outside home. You spend 1000s of dollars on trips and you do not have any memories of it left in the disk! It is NOT a reliable product, although \value for money\ apears very good on the face of it. Battery life is pathetic too!

  • Frustrated says:

    Nice gadget because it’s light, hip looking, a “wow” video quality. But that’s it! It is disappointing for Sony to make something like this that does not have user friendly directions when “format error” appears on the screen. Instead of re-formatting, attempting to dump video in the computer via other means. I am afraid that I may have lost the video. Add another hundred dollars and probably better off with an HD hybrid — even a JVC may work better without frustrations. Truly disappointing and I have been a Sony consumer for the past 30 years….

  • Dave Goldberg says:

    I too have had the format error. Just got done recording my cousin who has terminal cancer. All the footage is lost! What a piece of junk! A friend also has had this problem repeatedly, but I thought it might just be his setup. I have been a SONY fan for a very long time, but I’ve just about had it with them.

  • Oslo Norway says:

    I sorry to say that I bought this hopeless camera to my daughter and my only advise to all of you: Stay away from this camera.
    It has major memory-problems and I bought a 4 Gb memory Mark2 from “Sony”. When I put in the memory, it did not work. I had to run around to find a PC with a card reader and format the card. After formating the card it is detected, but when playing recorded file, it is just flickering green and pink video-noise (Sound is ok)
    When i try to format the card in the camera-meny, the camera hangs and i must take a needle to reset camera. After that the
    memory is “Full” and not working again. Hopeless, I say. Now I have to put my 4 Gb card in the trash and buy more useless Memory Stick Pro. Stay away from this one, and buy a Kodak Zi6 or Zi8 instead. (With memory you also can use in other units).

    Mr. B

  • Daytona Beach Florida says:

    My wife bought me this camera for my birthday and i used twice and the same thing happened to me that the others are saying. It wipped out video and pictures, the card is shot and I’m freaking pissed. I used it for a day and half and now its crap! Man this really sucks!

  • very easy to use; has vga, 720p, 1080p video capturing; included software has some cool effects, video looks pretty good, price, take nice stills also, rechargeable battery.

  • Jayme says:

    I cannot even use this camera due to the format errort and memory stick issue. Brand new out of the box and format error has precluded me from using it. I need to return this ASAP.

  • Tony says:

    used for a day now and seems pretty good, small and light weight. pic quality seems good put doesn’t playback on my older PC very well, which is about 5 yrs old probably need to up grade the video card. For all those losing there vids and pic Sony offers free data recovery software to their media customers.

  • Derek says:

    used it for a while, now when i stop a recording the camera hangs and i must use a pen to reset it, and lose all the footage. POS.

  • khoi says:

    used it twice now it wont even hold charge. charging light keeps blinking. cant power on. what a waste of money. :(

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