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AlienBees B800 Studio Flash - Featured User Review

  Alien Bees monolights have long been the secret weapon of photographers with tight budgets who want good, inexpensive studio lights. Paul Kepron's review is well-written and to the point. He sums up the basics of the Alien Bees very well: compact, light, powerful and a lot of light for your m ...    Read More »

Photoflex StarFlash 650 Studio Light Review

Photoflex StarFlash 650 Gemini LiteDome Kit The Photoflex StarFlash 650 LiteDome kit is a mid-range monolight flash kit designed for the seasoned professional and emerging photographer. The kit comes complete with 2 StarFlash 650 watt monolights, 2 medium (24"x32") LightDome softboxes, 2 StarFlas ...    Read More »

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Approximating Fresnel Lighting With Monolights

Looking for suggestions on how one might go about this. Modifiers I have to work with include an Octabank, a white Beauty Dish, a 7" silver reflector, and an 11" silver reflector. I don't expect to replicate the effect precisely. Just looking for a way to get as close as possible with what I have ... Read More »

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