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24" Large Format Printer Buying Help ?

I'm in the market for a 24" Large Format printer that I can use rool paper with. I have been looking at the Epson 7880 - HP 130 - HP -Z2100 The HP looks good at 1500.00 $ But has been out for a while. The Epson 7800 is real nice but I'm dont want to spend 1200.00 if Print Head Strike happe ... Read More »

Where to print large format custom prints?

Hi! I want to print a large format pano print for my folks. The size is 1050mm x 390mm so its not a normal format. ok few questions about it.. A: where do i get it printed? I have been quoted about $100 and dont want to play with bad printers for this price B: will the 10mp pic be enough ... Read More »

Trying large format on a budget

I have been wanting to try LF photography for a while now, but I don't want to spend a bunch of $, because I know I won't do a lot of it. I have been thinking of buying an old 4x5 Graflex Speed Grapic press camera. From what I have seen, I can get a functioning camera, and everything I need (excep ... Read More »

My first large format negative

I finally got my LF equipment and have been renting lenses to see which is my cup of tea. I've settled on two, a 75mm(equiv to 20mm) and 150mm (equiv to 45mm). Alas I don't have a scanner yet, but you can see the difference in size from LF to 35mm. It's truly incredible, but it will take a long tim ... Read More »

How many people have used large format?

Since the volume of my photos have gone down, I gave my D200 to my wife. I want to concentrate on fine art nature/landscape and commercial photo aspects. I've been toying around with the ideal of large format and wanted to know if anybody has ever used one. I'm planning on renting a camera in a co ... Read More »

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