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Anyone who’s watched one of my camera review / unboxing videos ( YouTube Channel) knows I’m a thoroughly mediocre video maker. I’ve picked up a little k-nowledge making crappy box opening videos, though. One thing that’s very clear is you can’t focus smoothly using the focus ring on a digital SLR lens. That’s why videographers who know what they’re doing invest in slick “follow focus” systems. The problem is, a decent follow focus system starts at $500 or $600 – and that’s just for one lens. So I was pretty excited when I stumbled across the Focus Shifter Facebook page. The Focus Shifter is so simple and elegant compared to a traditional geared follow focus system. And it’s cheap! You can be up and running with the Focus Shifter for as little as $50. I’m sure there are plenty of reasons why a geared follow focus system is better. But there are fifty reasons why I’m planning to buy the Focus Shifter instead.

The Focus Shifter - $50 DSLR Video Follow Focus System

The Focus Shifter is available direct, online from the Focus Shifter Web site. It’s made by Microfacturing, a team of creative guys from Atlanta, Georgia. According to their About page, they do their best to manufacturer everything in-house and everything they sell is made in the USA. The Focus Shifter costs US $49.99 for one lens or, if you have multiple lenses, you can get two for $89.99 or three for $124.99.

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