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Mystery 35mm SLRA news story appeared a few days ago (March 6th – Amateur Photographer UK ) about a deal between Vivitar and Kodak to make new Kodak-branded 35mm cameras, including a 35mm SLR. A couple days later, Kodak’s UK communications people denied the story, which was based on a Vivitar press release. Regardless of whether Kodak and Vivitar have a partnership to build and sell new cameras, the story brings up some interesting questions. Kodak has recently been actively promoting and adding to their professional film line, spreading the message that they are in the film business for the long haul. And interest in film is on the rise. No one expects film to come back and replace digital cameras. But many pro photographers prefer film for certain types of work. And I’m actually seeing younger photographers, who learned with digital cameras, discovering the magic of film and the darkroom. So it doesn’t surprise me that there would be some interest in a new 35mm SLR camera.

There have been rumors of a new Nikon 35mm SLR, but no serious 35mm SLRs have been introduced since fall of 2004 when Nikon introduced the F6 and Canon announced the EOS Elan 7N. Film photographers are anxious for new film-related products and news that affirms the continuation of film photography. One way Kodak could reassure and encourage film photographers is to produce a serious new film camera. I’m not talking about a barebones entry-level manual 35mm SLR, either. I would like to see a camera that appeals to serious film photographers – a camera with full manual controls, a spot meter, good auto focus, bracketing, a motor drive, etc. Obviously, such a camera wouldn’t be a monster seller. But with good marketing and a compelling set of features it could help sell more film. And it might even encourage some digital photographers to pick up a film camera to find out what the fuss is about.

A new Kodak 35mm SLR camera is an interesting proposition. Actually, any new 35mm SLR would be pretty exciting. Digital is definitely the mainstream now. But film is magic and that’s not ever going to change. In fact, the more digital takes over, the more mystique film and the darkroom will have. I think the time may be ripe for the introduction of a serious new 35mm SLR. It would be a gamble for the manufacturer, sure. But you can’t win if you don’t play.

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  • Adwale Muraina says:

    I am shoping for a best buy for a 35mm motion picture camera. Would be glad to get the right information and best offer. Thanks

  • David says:

    If Nikon would lower the F6 under $1000 we all buy one (or 2). Think of the lenses they would sell.

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