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Behind the Tripods

My son has really been getting interested in learning to shoot. That is his tripod on the left. He has been using a Sony 5n. He is getting pretty good at it too. These are my pictures but his really turned out nice. Tonight we practiced. [url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/gregmccary/7028350891/][ ... Read More »


Could someone recommend me a good, but reasonably priced tripod, and by reasonably I mean legs and head for under $200 if possible. I have a fairly new $35 Targus tripod, which didn't take too long to disappoint me. I guess that's what I get considering how much the "real" ones go for at my local ca ... Read More »

Tripods - What have I bought?

I am very new to photography, have a Canon 450D and have been on the look out for a decent tripod. I was passing a junk shop today and bought 2 tripods for £10. Both were very dirty. 1 is a Vivanco, it seems a bit light but will do a job. The other is a Sachtler-Muchen Video 10 and seems very, very ... Read More »

Cheap tripods?

Well, looking to get a couple cheap tripods to use to set up my wireless flashguns. They obviously don't need to be the best build, just to hold up a 1 lb flash, but I also don't want wal-mart's clearance version i.e. super-cheap-crap. It would be ideal to get one without the head, since it would ... Read More »

Tripods Bad for Quality?

I have no idea where to put this in the forum, so since it affects image quality .. :) Gb ------------------ [B][U]Japanese Scientists Say Tripods Increase Camera Shake[/U] via Wired: Gadget Lab by Charlie Sorrel on 4/14/09[/B] Scientists at the Nishi Lab of the University of Electrocomm ... Read More »

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