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ColorMunki Device

ColorMunki Photo and Pouch

ColorMunki Photo and Pouch

The ColorMunki Photo is the size and shape of a large tape measure. It has a dial and button in the center that can be rotated into four positions to select what you’re measuring. There is also a plastic wedge that can extend from the bottom to assist in spot measurement.

Dial position functions:

  • Instrument Calibration: this calibrates the ColorMunki. You always turn to this first.
  • Monitor, Chart Scanning and Spot: this is the workhorse. It’s positioned on the bottom so you can set the ColorMunki flat on a surface or monitor. You use it to calibrate your LCD monitor, your printer, and scan in colors.
  • Ambient light: as far as I could discover, I could only use it to calibrate my screen to ambient light. I was disappointed to discover that I couldn’t use it to measure the ambient color temperature separately, which may have been useful for photo shoots.
  • Projector: this position lets you calibrate an LCD projector.

The ColorMunki comes with a neoprene carrying pouch, which you also use when calibrating your screen. The pouch has a weighted tail that you use to balance the ColorMunki as it hangs on your screen. The pouch also has a shutter to keep out dust.

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